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Effective strength and conditioning and sports nutrition programs can make or break a season. Is your team currently unable to perform to its maximum potential?  Is it physically underachieving, injury plagued, or mentally fatigued?  Does your team have a “one workout fits all” system in which fine tweaking and customization for each and every athlete is greatly needed? 

Too often coaches and athletes walk away from the season knowing that their speed, strength, physicality, mental toughness, and overall performance were not at the highest levels.  No matter how successful, every team eventually plateaus and declines in performance occur.  Although many factors contribute to a team’s downturn, most share a common bond—inefficiencies and gaps in training and nutrition.   

Having successfully worked with high school, collegiate, and professional teams and athletes, Advanced Human Performance’s Dr. Joel Seedman specializes in team troubleshooting, eliminating issues and problems from a team’s strength and conditioning programs and dietary protocols. Dr. Seedman carefully examines your current program’s strengths and weaknesses and then customizes and implements individualized training and nutrition programs based on players’ specific positions, events, or sport. As an athlete, coach, team manager, or owner committed to your team’s success, take the next step and contact to learn more about the various plans and packages that are available for you and your team.


Team Workshops & Seminars

Drawing on years of education, teaching, and coaching experience, Dr. Joel Seedman can educate, design, and implement an exercise and nutrition program for every individual in your business, team, or organization. His lectures, seminars, and workshops provide a dynamic, practical, and first hand presentation that will motivate and provoke your company/organization to achieve complete fitness, health, and wellness.

Seminars and workshops range from one hour to week or weekend-long seminars, depending on the level of customization and detail needed, and Dr. Seedman customizes his presentations, demonstrations, educational materials, nutrition strategies, and fitness protocols to your specific population and their needs.

Dr. Seedman also consults and designs exercise facilities within the scope of a company’s goals and budget.

Contact Advanced Human Performance and let Dr. Seedman jump-start your business’s, team’s, or organization’s path to health, productivity, performance, and improved quality of life.

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