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Online Personal Training

Location and distance have often been the obstacles to obtaining the coaching you want and deserve. Online training closes that ‘gap,’ bringing client and coach face-to-face. 

Dr. Joel Seedman has helped clients from around the world via online training. Technology—FaceTime, Skype, YouTube, etc.—facilitates convenient and frequent coaching sessions, and many health and performance markers can easily be trained online:  movement patterns, technique issues, strength, hypertrophy, stability, mobility, and symmetrical loading. 

Online training can be enhanced with intermittent in person coaching. Many of Dr. Seedman’s clients have, as their schedule allows, traveled to Atlanta and completed several sessions in person, before following up with weekly online training sessions.  This allows for more efficient and proficient application of online training methods as the client continues to draw on in person coaching with Dr. Seedman.

Dr. Joel Seedman focuses his research and training on proper muscle function because doing so yields immediate physiological benefits for his clients.  By teaching individuals how to move correctly, strength, body composition, physique changes, and performance enhancement occur at a rapid rate. As physiology improves, so does the client's overall health, including improvements in sleep, digestion, energy, focus, cognitive function, immune system, allergies, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, endocrine function, hormonal regulation, metabolic activity, and overall physiological function become profoundly impacted. 
Whether you’re a beginner looking to start an exercise and fitness routine for the first time, or an individual frustrated with the months and years you’ve invested into your ineffectual training regime you no longer have to let location be a barrier in achieving maximal results. Contact Advanced Human Performance to learn how Dr. Seedman can transform your physique, health, and body function via online training.

Nutrition Consulting

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Regardless of age, sport, gender, level of expertise, and prior accomplishments, proper nutrition can be the X-Factor that enables any athlete to reach a level of performance that previously seemed beyond their genetic capabilities. While some often rely on superior genetics and neglect nutrition, consistently successful trainees, and athletes know that effective dietary guidelines and proper nutrition are the keys to improving their performance.

Most nutrition routines, fad diets, and weight loss strategies can leave an individual's metabolism in a lethargic state of dysfunction. In fact, metabolic damage is becoming increasingly common among individuals routinely involved in dietary manipulation.  Metabolic damage can have an alarming impact on all individuals, especially those hoping to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase energy, and enhance quality of life.  

Dr. Seedman's groundbreaking research on nutrition, metabolism, and hormone levels allows him to customize a nutrition program that will take your results to the next level. From enhanced recovery and muscle repair to improved levels of conditioning and body composition, fine-tuning your diet diet can improve body composition, speed, power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscularity, overall health, digestion, and ability to focus. Furthermore nutrition can be strategically altered to optimize the body’s endocrine function and hormone production. Combined with effective training protocols, an effective diet can increase testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 and other anabolic hormones as well as offset the detrimental effects of cortisol, estrogen, and insulin which is a byproduct of poor nutrition habits.
With multiple nationally recognized sports nutrition certifications as well as scientific research and higher education in performance nutrition, Dr. Seedman is highly qualified to consult and assist with your nutrition goals.  Whether you’re a high school athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete seeking to maximize performance, contact Dr. Seedman for one-on-one nutritional guidance. 

Body & BIOMECHANICS Assessments

Assessing overall results, productivity, and effectiveness of a training routine is often the most overlooked component in one’s quest to reaching their physical goals. However, monitoring progress is paramount in order to effectively analyze results. To effectively track and monitor your progress, you need to know where you began. Body composition—the percentages, in part, of a body’s fat and muscle—and neuromuscular assessment are two of the best starting points to establish.

The days of stepping onto a scale and judging progress on only a number are over. These numbers fail for one reason—they do not accurately measure body composition. Advanced Human Performance’s Dr. Joel Seedman understands this, so he provides the most sophisticated forms of body assessments, scientifically proven to finely gauge physiological markers of fat loss and muscular improvements.  Thus, changes in progress can be seen and monitored on a frequent basis, as this becomes a critical element to customizing training programs for each athlete and client. 

Dr. Seedman also uses cutting edge neuromuscular assessments, including postural analysis and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) developed by world-renowned physical therapists Gray Gook and Lee Burton.

At Advanced Human Performance, Dr. Joel Seedman specializes in helping individuals overcome and correct dysfunctional movement patterns by addressing neuromuscular impairments.  By re-educating the appropriate pathways of the central nervous system and addressing proper motor unit recruitment, Dr. Seedman helps clients identify, address, and correct the faulty movement patterns, which are the root of so much pain.   

With the information gained from these state of the art body assessments, Dr. Seedman can finely tune and adjust training protocols, and dietary actions to best meet each client’s goals to maximize overall body function, health, and training protocols.

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