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Training Unhinged
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If you want to completely transform the way you exercise than this is the program for you. Training Unhinged features Dr. Seedman’s cutting-edge 90 advanced eccentric isometric program coupled with his advanced cardio routine filled with 30 unique cardio routines. With these 90 whopping eccentric isometric workouts coupled with 30 unique cardio workouts (15 HIT and 15 Low Intensity Interval Training) you’ll be equipped to unlock new found hypertrophy, leanness, speed & power, and biomechanical efficiencies. Indeed, you’ll never experience exercise boredom or stagnation as your body will always be challenged. Training Unhinged truly represent 2 cornerstone pieces of Dr. Seedman’s work as the exercises, application of eccentric isometrics, and cardio practices are pivotal tools in the arsenal of any trainee, trainer, athlete, coach, or therapist. Once you’ve applied the tenants, principles, and information presented in these 2 programs, you’ll have truly unlocked you genetic potential while ensuring you never think about exercise the same.

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Product 1
- 90 Advanced EI Workouts -

Training Redefined is an advanced workout program that gives you access to 90 cutting-edge eccentric isometric workouts programmed for maximal performance, movement, hypertrophy, speed & power, and biomechanics. Each of the 90 advanced workouts allow you to master the basic movements while concurrently using AHP’s proprietary eccentric isometrics and unique exercise variations that are designed to fully unlock your body’s potential.

Product 2
- Cardio Redefined -

Cardio Redefined is an advanced cardio program that includes 30 unique cardio workouts programmed for maximal speed & power, leanness, and body comp. To highlight, it contains 15 high intensity (HIT) routines and 15 low intensity interval routines, giving you a total of 30 unique cardio workouts. Forget the days of boring, tedious cardio that's filled with nothing but minimal results. Indeed, whoever said cardio wasn’t fun didn’t experience Cardio Redefined.

Add to Cart | $499.95