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Mass Building for the Natural Lifter & Bodybuilder

Building muscle mass for natural lifters who don’t rely on steroids can be difficult and oftentimes quite frustrating.  Here are 22 different strategies I recommend incorporating for natural lifters as a means of maximizing your size and strength. (Read More →)

12 Cues to Master Your Hip Hinge & RDL

The hip hinge or RDL is one of the most critical movement patterns for mastering your body mechanics and muscle function.  Unfortunately most individuals perform them incorrectly. Here are the 12 cues you'll need to maximize your form. (Read More →)

Kneeling Olympic Lifts for Maximal Performance

I’ve recently been incorporating kneeling variations of cleans and snatches into my training programs.  That's because performing Olympic lifts from a kneeling position provides 8 unique benefits that do wonders for speed and power. (Read More →)

Master The Sledgehammer

Most individuals perform sledgehammer work improperly as they muscle the sledgehammer through the exercise rather than relying on the kinetic chain.  Here are 10 key cues to help you master the sledgehammer movement. (Read More →)

Rapid Eccentric Isometrics: The New Plyometric

Rapid Eccentric Isometrics (REI's) are similar to standard eccentric isometrics except that the negative phase is performed rapidly rather than slowly.  There are multiple reasons why this enhances performance and strength. (Read More →)

20 Tips for Maximizing Your Physique

Having worked with various figure, bodybuilding, and bikini competitors over the years I felt like it was time to write an article showcasing 20 of the most important tips you’ll need to implement if you want to maximize your physique. (Read More →)

Use Accommodating Resistance For Overhead Presses

Most lifters typically apply accommodating resistance (bands and chains) to the big three lifts such as squats, bench press, and deadlifts.  However this technique is also incredibly effective when applied to the overhead press. (Read More →)

Fix Your Bench Press with The Foam Roller

The foam roller is one of my favorite tools not necessarily for soft tissue work but for teaching proper lifting mechanics on a variety of movements particularly chest presses, pullovers, and chest fly variations.  Read about these overlooked benefits. (Read More →)

Olympic Weightlifting With Reverse Bands

To many lifters this may sounds like iron game heresy but there are actually 10 benefits for incorporating accommodating resistance in the form of reverse bands (band assistance) on Olympic lifts such as clean and snatch variations. (Read More →)

Improve Your Bench Press and Posture with This

The head-off chest press has become one of my favorite protocols for improving horizontal pressing mechanics.  It may look unusual however the benefits it provides to your bench press mechanics, shoulder health, and chest growth are significant. (Read More →)

Massive Chest Growth With Anti-Fly Presses

When it comes to building massive pectorals it’s tough to beat the basics such as barbell presses, dumbbell presses, weighted pushups, dips and chest flyes. Unfortunately none of these variations fully maximize the pectoral muscle fibers. (Read More →)

Master The Single Leg RDL & Hip Hinge

Mastering the single leg hip hinge is pivotal for maximizing athletic performance, muscle function, and movement mechanics. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most butchered movement patterns with many performing it wrong. (Read More →)

The Best Ways to Perform Weighted Pullups

Most individuals underestimate the importance of lower body positioning during pullups and chin-ups. See why the dorsiflexion and knee flexion loading exercises have  10 key benefits that will ensure hypertrophy, body mechanics, and strength are maximized. (Read More →)

Plates Work Better Than Kettlebells

If you don't have access to kettlebells, use iron grip style plates to perform swings, cleans, and snatches. These provide many unique benefits beyond which traditional kettle bells can produce. (Read More →)

12 Unique Exercises to Crush Your Arms

When it comes to arms, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of incorporating the same movements week in and week out. Here are 12 unique movements that will crush your arms via scientifically proven strategies for inducing unprecedented muscle growth. (Read More →)

Lunges & Split Squats: You're Doing them Wrong

The lunge or split squat has been one of the most popular lower body exercises for decades. The problem? Most people, including many "expert trainers," do them improperly, negating the benefits. Here are 22 cues you’ll need to master your lunge.  (Read More →)

12 Ultimate Tests of Strength & Muscle Function

Dr. Seedman shares and explains the tests he developed to assess the his clients' functional strength. Tests include measures of lower- and upper-body strength, stability, mobility, foot and ankle activation, and movement mechanics. (Read More →)

Fix Your Shoulders and Lifting Technique with Bottoms-Up Training

Dr. Seedman discusses how to use bottoms-up exercises to improve shoulder health and lifting mechanics.  Bottoms-ups re-educate your nervous system and teach you to use correct biomechanics(Read More →)

The Worst Way to Perform Deadlifts & RDL's

Yes, everyone should absolutely deadlift, but one variation should be avoided, specifically the straight leg RDL. Learn not only why but also how to ensure you're performing RDL's correctly.  (Read More →)

10 Unique Rowing Movements To Fix Your Body Mechanics

For upper back strength and size, nothing beats rowing exercises. Sadly, most lifters do them improperly. Here are 10 unique rowing variations that not only crush your back (in a good way), but also eliminate form issues by forcing you to use proper mechanics. (Read More →)

Negative Accentuated Powerlifting

Developed by Dr. Joel Seedman, the Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation (PREP) protocol allows lifters to incorporate negative accentuated movements into the squat, benchpress, and deadlift exercises for incredible strength and size gains. (Read More →)

The Best Way to Deadlift: Squat-Stance Deadlift

In this AHP exclusive, Dr. Seedman outlines why the squat stance is the superior deadlift position. See how his groundbreaking research can increase your deadlift gains today. (Read More →)

Parallel versus ATG Squats | Part I

If you're human and your goal is maximal performance, strength, and muscle growth, then parallel squats are far superior to ass-to-grass (ATG) squats. Learn why parallel trump ATG squats in Part I of this exclusive article.  (Read More →)

Eccentric Isometrics | The Ultimate Way to Strength Train (Part I)

In this exclusive article, Dr. Seedman discusses his groundbreaking research on eccentric isometrics. If you're looking to maximize athletic performance, strength, hypertrophy, mobility, stability, speed, and overall muscle function nothing is more effective than eccentric isometrics. (Read More →)

Eccentric Isometrics | The Ultimate Way to Strength Train (Part II)

In Part II of his groundbreaking research on eccentric isometrics, Dr. Seedman dives even deeper by exploring movement patterns, exercises, and key benefits of implementing eccentric isometrics into your training protocols. (Read More →)

The Single-Leg KB Swap: the Most Important Exercise You’re Not Doing

The kettlebell swap improves athletes' hip function, foot and ankle strength, balance, stability, and mobility. Learn the neuromuscular benefits as well as 8 variations and modifications you can begin using today. (Read More →)

Table Top Row | The Ultimate Row Technique Fix

The tabletop row is a simple yet highly effective tool for improving rowing technique, posture, and shoulder mechanics. Learn about the benefits as well as how to properly perform this unique exercise. (Read More →)

Quadruped Bird Dog Rows Benefits & Variations

The quadruped bird dog bench row is one of Dr. Seedman's go-to rowing variations for teaching an athlete how to dial in their horizontal pulling technique. Learn about the benefits of this unique exercise as well as how to perform it. (Read More →)

Quadruped (Bird Dog) Benefits & 9 Challenging Variations

The Bird Dog exercise is a highly effective movement for reinforcing proper spinal alignment and core recruitment. In this detailed article, Dr. Seedman teaches the proper technique, highlights key benefits, and illustrates 8 challenging variations. (Read More →)

Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) | Part I

In part 1 of this post activation potentiation article (PAP), Dr. Seedman discusses the various physiological mechanisms involved with PAP as well general research regarding this topic. (Read More →)

Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) | Part II

In part 2 of this post activation potentiation article (PAP), Dr. Seedman examines the various modes of exercise that elicit the greatest potentiation response for maximizing performance and power. (Read More →)

Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) | Part III

In the final part of the post activation potentiation article series, Dr. Seedman discusses the practical application of how to incorporate PAP into your training regiment for maximizing athletic performance and strength. (Read More →)