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Training Unlocked
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If you were only going to purchase 2 of Dr. Seedman’s products you’d be hard pressed to find a better two than in this very bundle. This program features Dr. Seedman’s groundbreaking book, Movement Redefined alongside his eccentric isometric workout program. These are the 2 foundational necessities for anyone looking to master their movement & muscle function as well teach others to do the same. In addition, you’ll be equipped to unlocked new found hypertrophy, leanness, speed & power, and biomechanical efficiencies. These truly represent 2 cornerstone pieces of Dr. Seedman’s work as the principles and application of eccentric isometrics presented in Movement Redefined alongside Dr. Seedman’s foundational eccentric isometric program are pivotal tools in the arsenal of any trainee, trainer, athlete, coach, or therapist. Once you’ve applied the tenants, principles, and information presented in these 2 programs, it’s likely you’ll have mastered your movement to the level of a Jedi knight while concurrently unlocking your body’s full genetic potential.

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Product 1
- Movement Redefined -

Movement Redefined covers Dr. Seedman's groundbreaking work across eccentric isometrics, movement, and muscle function. It includes: (1) 600+ page book on eccentric isometrics and Dr. Seedman’s redefining work on movement transformation, (2) 30+ holistic eccentric isometric training programs, (3) 100+ detailed illustrations, demonstrating proper mechanics, joint angles, and body positioning, and (4) Dr. Seedman’s original doctoral dissertation.

Product 2
- Eccentric Isometric Program -

This isn’t simply another workout program, this is THE PROGRAM everyone in the industry has been waiting for and requesting for the last several years as it represents the training cornerstone of Dr. Seedman’s work with eccentric isometrics. This training program will teach you how to transform your exercise and strength training for ensuring maximal performance, movement, hypertrophy, speed & power, and biomechanics for optimal results.

Add to Cart | $399.95

- Free Product 1 -
Upper Body Blast

Upper Body Blast.jpg

This intense upper body template is designed for targeting hypertrophy and strength in your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. If upper body gains have stalled or slowed than you're in need of the crazy boost this program packs. Transform your body from a lowly mortal to an adonis!

- Free Product 2 -
Lower Body Blowout

Lower Body Blowout.jpg

This elite lower body template is designed for targeting hypertrophy and strength in quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, feet, and ankles. If you're tired of stick legs, flimsy/sagging hams, and/or glutes so flat that you could use them as a ruler than this is the program for you.

- Free Product 3 -
Core Blitz

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This ultimate abdominal template is designed for building core strength and definition. If you're tired of looking down and seeing that blob of irritating fat obstructing that sexy six pack than look no further. Simply, this training routine is the ultimate 6 pack developer - period!