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With hectic schedules, ever-present fattening foods, and constant stress the norm, becoming healthy and fit appears daunting.  Despite an increase in gyms, fitness trends, home training systems, supplements, and online fitness instruction, more and more individuals suffer the health and physical issues associated with poor fitness, exercise, and nutritional habits. 
Poor fitness levels contribute not only to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, but a host of other issues:  constant fatigue, anxiety and depression, joint pain and inflammation, immune system suppression, decreased cognitive function, digestive impairments, neuromuscular weakness, cellular degeneration, and accelerated aging. All of these issues are linked to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. 

But what does any of this have to do with strength training? Research suggests that chronic inflammation may, in fact, be strongly related to one’s muscle function.  Simply put, if the muscles are healthy, the whole body is healthy.  However, the opposite is also true.  If the muscles are unhealthy, then the whole body is adversely affected via elevated inflammation and oxidative stress.
Ironically, many exercise and fitness regimes contribute to chronic inflammation by re-enforcing faulty movement patterns into the body’s nervous system.  Although being physically active is paramount to overall health, haphazardly increasing or implementing more exercise whether in the form of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening, or mobility drills can often produce more negative consequences (inflammation and oxidative stress) than benefits particularly when proper movement mechanics are not emphasized. 

Unless proper movement patterns are systematically implemented, increasing one’s exercise volume will often times serve only to reinforce pre-existing levels of muscular dysfunction, which directly contributes to “unhealthy” skeletal muscle—the key underlying mechanisms triggering chronic inflammation.
Dr. Joel Seedman focuses his research and training on proper muscle function because doing so yields immediate physiological benefits for his clients.  By teaching individuals how to move correctly, strength, body composition, physique changes, and performance enhancement occur at a rapid rate. As physiology improves, so does the client's overall health, including improvements in sleep, digestion, energy, focus, cognitive function, immune system, allergies, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, endocrine function, hormonal regulation, metabolic activity, and overall physiological function become profoundly impacted. 
Whether you’re a beginner looking to start an exercise and fitness routine for the first time, or an individual frustrated with the months and years you’ve invested into your ineffectual training regime, contact Advanced Human Performance to learn how Dr. Seedman can help you achieve your best results and health.  


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