The Exercise Brothers | Dr. Joel & Joshua Seedman - Founders of Advanced Human Performance -

The Exercise Brothers | Dr. Joel & Joshua Seedman
- Founders of Advanced Human Performance -

Advanced Human Performance (AHP) was founded in 2006 by Dr. Joel and Joshua Seedman, known as The Exercise Brothers ( AHP is the go-to global hub for all related athletic performance, fitness, healthcare, and wellness transformation. For almost 15 years, AHP has been helping clients across the globe break through their genetic barriers as well as overcome their training, fitness, health, and nutritional obstacles. They accomplish this by providing the most advanced, scientifically proven methods in the industry. From professional athletes to special needs populations, Advanced Human Performance’s scientifically backed and proprietary protocols have been heralded across the sports, fitness, and healthcare industries as the go-to organization for holistic health and performance transformation. AHP also offers a wide variety of personalized services that address muscle physiology, neurophysiology, biomechanics, muscle function, athletic performance, pain and inflammation treatment, lifestyle and weight management, hormonal and metabolic regulation, strength coaching, personal training, prehabilitative neuromuscular therapy, and nutritional supplementation. AHP can help anyone overcome their health, performance, and fitness obstacles through highly personalized and scientifically backed protocols.

AHP and The Seedman Brothers are credited with over 1,000+ publications, two books, a #1 industry voted blog, and their world-famous eccentric isometric protocols. As best friends, the Seedman brothers not only devote their time to growing AHP but also spend much time together seeking God and praying for His wisdom as they work to help others. They’ve known since a young age that only with the favor of the Almighty can any venture ever truly be successful and beneficial to those they work with. As nothing is more important than one’s health, the Exercise Brothers take a servant leadership approach to ensuring everyone they work with, no matter their background, stature, or genetic limitations, receive the same level of care and attention to ensure transformative results. Read more about each Exercise Brother HERE, including a detailed biography, education, publication, and certification breakdown.