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Monster Mass Program
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If you’re goal is unprecedented levels of muscle mass, strength and functional size then this program is for you. Developed by Dr. Joel Seedman this mass building routine is designed to induce extreme levels of muscular hypertrophy, lean mass gains, and strength from head to toe.  As an added bonus you’ll also improve muscle function and biomotor capabilities and neuromuscular coordination without sacrificing any athletic performance, mobility or posture. Many bodybuilding routines are unfortunately very detrimental on muscle function and athletic performance.  In fact many of these mainstream traditional bodybuilding routines tend to deteriorate muscle function and impair biomotor capabilities including stability, balance, flexibility, mobility, agility, and neuromuscular coordination. The aftermath is that most bodybuilding routines are not ideal for the general public. In contrast this routine enhances each of these critical performance factors.

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With this program you have Dr. Seedman's personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of hypertrophy, strength, power, body composition, and mobility. Simply, nothing is left to chance in your quest for massive gains.

  • Increase lean muscle mass after just several weeks

  • Improve strength and power in as little as several workouts

  • Increase size, strength, and definition in all major muscle groups - from lower to upper body.

  • Decrease body fat significantly is less than 3 weeks.

  • Improve energy, mood, health, immune function, and sleep.

  • Achieve maximal muscularity and strength regardless of your current training experience

  • Perform highly focused and quality workouts by knowing exactly which exercises to perform, on whatdays (including the appropriate technique and body mechanics as illustrated by video tutorials)

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This routine is conducive for bodybuilders, offseason powerlifters and high level athletes (football, baseball, basketball, MMA, boxing, hockey, wrestling and more) looking to gain strength and mass for the upcoming season.  If you recently hit a plateau in your muscle building endeavors and are in need for a potent training stimulus to kick-start renewed gains in size and muscularity this routine is just what the doctor ordered. This routine is also very conducive for maximizing body composition, fat loss, and overall leanness particularly if proper dietary guidelines are adhered to. 

  • All movements include video demonstrations and exercise tips to guide the user through proper form and technique execution, ensuring optimal mass gains.

  • The program protocols are based on research and practical application that Dr. Seedman has successfully used with his own athletes and bodybuilding clients.

  • The program can be modified to a 3, 4, 5, or 6 day/week training routine by adding rest day wherever it’s needed.

  • While designed for experienced trainees, this can also be used by intermediate beginning lifters provided appropriate weight selection and exercise modifications are employed.

  • This routine is designed to last a minimum of 8 weeks and can be repeated after a brief training layoff (4-7 days of active recovery and rest).

  • Significantly increase hypertrophy, strength, and power while improving body comp in as little as 3 weeks.

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