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Exercise Redefined
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The journey of mastering exercise, training, and one’s body mechanics can be a long and arduous task. However, it’s a journey that inevitably allows each human to maximize their genetic potential. This incredible bundle pack includes Dr. Seedman’s most popular products that are sure to help each individual along the journey of exercise mastery. Guaranteed to maximize your physique development, muscularity, performance, fitness, strength, muscle function, stability, and motor control while also ensuring you never think about exercise the same. This bundle includes (1) Dr. Seedman’s book Movement Redefined, (2) The Eccentric Isometric Program, (3) 90 Advanced Eccentric Isometric Workouts, and (4) Cardio Redefined. Simply, it is the ultimate arsenal for any trainee, trainer, strength coach, physical therapist, fitness enthusiast, or elite athlete looking to master exercise and the art of training. It’s safe to say that once you’ve purchased these products, you’ll likely never need any other training resource, program, or strength training book ever again. This 4-pack bundle includes every technique, protocol, educational info, and program you’ll ever need to maximize your results. Additionally, taking the eccentric isometric principles from Movement Redefined and applying them to the Eccentric Isometric programs represents a simple yet effective programming option for a variety of training goals and regimens, including training a variety of clients, athletes, and patients.

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Product 1
- Movement Redefined -

Movement Redefined covers Dr. Seedman's groundbreaking work across eccentric isometrics, movement, and muscle function. It includes: (1) 600+ page book on eccentric isometrics and Dr. Seedman’s redefining work on movement transformation, (2) 30+ holistic eccentric isometric training programs, (3) 100+ detailed illustrations, demonstrating proper mechanics, joint angles, and body positioning, and (4) Dr. Seedman’s original doctoral dissertation, Comparison of Resistance Training Protocols.

Product 2
- 90 Advanced EI Workouts -

This is an advanced workout program that gives you access to 90 cutting-edge eccentric isometric workouts programmed for maximal performance, movement, hypertrophy, speed & power, and biomechanics. These workouts will last a minimum of 1-2 years. Each of the 90 advanced workouts allow you to master the basic movements while concurrently using AHP’s proprietary eccentric isometrics and unique exercise variations that are designed to fully unlock your body’s potential.

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Product 3
- Eccentric Isometric program -

This isn’t simply another workout program, this is THE PROGRAM everyone in the industry has been waiting for and requesting for the last several years as it represents the training cornerstone of Dr. Seedman’s work with eccentric isometrics. This eccentric isometric training program will teach you how to transform your exercise and strength training for ensuring maximal performance, movement, hypertrophy, speed & power, and biomechanics for optimal results.

Product 4
- Cardio Redefined -

Cardio Redefined is an advanced cardio program that includes 30 unique cardio workouts programmed for maximal speed & power, leanness, and body comp. To highlight, it contains 15 high intensity (HIT) routines and 15 low intensity interval routines, giving you a total of 30 unique cardio workouts. Forget the days of boring, monotonous, and tedious cardio that's filled with nothing but minimal results. Indeed, whoever said cardio wasn’t fun didn’t experience Cardio Redefined.

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In addition, with your purchase of Iron Game Samurai, you receive 3 FREE awesome training routines by Dr. Seedman to ensure your entire body is completely transformed. Specifically, you'll receive the following: (1) Upper Body Blast, (2) Lower Body Blowout, and (3) Core Blitz. Each of these was specifically designed by Dr. Seedman to maximize strength, hypertrophy, and neuromuscular activation across the entire body. Upper Body Blast (Free Product #1) is an intense upper body template designed for targeting hypertrophy and strength in your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. The Lower Body Blowout (Free Product #2) is an elite lower body template designed for targeting hypertrophy and strength in quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, feet, and ankles. Finally, Core Blitz (Free Product #3) is the ultimate abdominal template designed for building core strength and definition.

Finally, with your purchase of Iron Game Samurai you’ll also receive a 100+ page bonus chapter of Dr. Seedman’s groundbreaking PhD dissertation which examines physiological and neuromuscular mechanisms of resistance training and the effects eccentric isometric protocols have on transient measures of muscle function. This chapter also includes a full literature review of post activation potentiation (PAP) and the implications for optimizing athletic performance, strength, and muscularity.


  • Over 100+ pages on the comparisons of resistance training, including protocols and their transient effects on muscle function and performance.

  • Examines physiological and neuromuscular mechanisms of resistance training and the effects of eccentric isometric protocols on transient measure of muscle function.

  • Includes a full literature review of post activation potentiation (PAP) and the implications for optimizing athletic performance, strength, and muscularity.

  • Provides full statistical analysis, data, and breakdown of Dr. Seedman’s doctoral research investigation involving the effects of eccentric isometric training protocols and their impact on post activation potentiation, torque, force production, symmetrical loading, power output, stabilization, and balance.

  • Contains Dr. Seedman’s original doctoral dissertation from his PhD work at the University of Georgia (UGA).

  • Includes practical application components of eccentric isometric protocols as well as their comparison to traditional training methodologies and common forms of resistance training.

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