Neuromuscular Troubleshooting

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Whether you’re an athlete looking to overcome movement inhibition, a fitness enthusiast hoping to maximize his or her time in the gym, or a business executive tired of dealing with muscle pains associated with prolonged sitting and inactivity, Dr. Joel Seedman can show you simple, effective techniques that will produce almost immediate results in movement function, neuromuscular efficiency, and pain relief. 

Most individuals—athletes, “weekend warriors,” and the elderly— have experienced acute or chronic muscular-related pain, which is often the result of neural misfiring and improper activation patterns. At some point, you feel your movements are disjointed, lacking a smooth, effortless, and natural rhythm.  

Athletes, for example, will complain that a once easy activity—running, throwing, jumping, cutting, or hitting—now feels “off” or “awkward.” They describe a loss or lack of natural explosiveness, quickness, and power.  Middle-aged and elderly adults also experience similar issues: muscle tightness, sore neck and shoulders, stiff low back, tight glutes, and achy feet and ankles.  As a result, they may avoid participating in physical activity.  

Often these experiences result from neuromuscular misfiring, which arises from injury, trauma, or faulty movement patterns used over many years.  This appears, initially, as small, but persistent, issues such as inhibited hip and glute muscles, overactive upper trapezius and anterior deltoid muscles, as well as inability of various core muscles to work together. Over time, however, this can spell disaster, particularly for those participating in intense physical activity and competition.  However, these issues can be quickly resolved.
At Advanced Human Performance, Dr. Joel Seedman specializes in helping individuals overcome and correct dysfunctional movement patterns by addressing neuromuscular impairments.  By re-educating the appropriate pathways of the central nervous system and addressing proper motor unit recruitment, Dr. Seedman helps clients identify, address, and correct the faulty movement patterns, which are the root of so much pain.  

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