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Designed to last a minimum of 2 years, the Complete Series AHP Workout Template is one of the best deals in the sports and fitness industry!  This program includes nearly all training splits and template protocols Dr. Seedman utilizes with his professional athletes and private clients. With 21 different workout templates, this plan provides incredible variety, flexibility, and effective programming for intermediate and advanced trainees. 

Quite simply, the programming possibilities and variations are endless which is why this program is recommended for more advanced trainees who like to change their workouts frequently as it gives months if not years of possible combinations.  The program also lays out ideal volume of training, number of sets, rep ranges, rest periods, exercise pairings, and exercise order all of which are critical for maximizing training success.  

If you’re ready to take your training, programming, and results to the next level than the Complete Templates is just for you. See below for detailed overview on additional program features, including a look inside, frequently asked question (FAQ), key note from Dr. Seedman, and your free bonus program.

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With this program you have Dr. Seedman's personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of human performance:  health, strength, stability, mobility, fat loss, and muscle gain.  Nothing is left to chance.This product includes over 20 workout templates, specifically: full body workout plans, heavy training days, light training days, lower body emphasis, upper body emphasis, core emphasis training, chest and back split, arm day, shoulders and traps split, leg emphasis protocol, glutes and backside program, foot and ankle stabilization program, powerlifting protocol, consolidated routines, Olympic lifting routines, speed and power day, advanced training routine, and much more. 

  • Increase lean muscle mass after just 3 weeks

  • Improve strength and power in several workouts

  • Decrease body fat significantly is less than 3 weeks

  • Increase energy, mood, health, immune function, and sleep patterns.

  • Achieve maximal muscularity and strength regardless of your current training experience

  • Increase size, strength, and definition in all major muscle groups including chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders, and calves

  • Perform highly focused and quality workouts by knowing exactly which exercises to perform, on whatdays (including the appropriate technique and body mechanics as illustrated by video tutorials)

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Important Note from Dr. Joel Seedman

The Complete Templates is considered one of my most advanced products that I offer as most of my seasoned athletes, fellow strength coaches, personal trainers, and advanced lifters use this.  What it is and as the name implies is a template program that teaches and guides the individual how to create their own customized strength training routine.  All of the other programs I sell are specific routines with exact exercises listed whereas this template product allows an unlimited number of training options and variety.  

As I tell my clients and athletes, they will never need to purchase another program again once they understand how to use this as you can continue to create endless and infinite number of unique and advanced training programs from it.  Also, because I highlight so many new and unique exercise on my website and social media, this Complete Templates gives individuals the opportunity to incorporate those exercises into their training rather than having to disregard them simply because they are dedicated on one specific program.  The response and feedback I've had from this product has been phenomenal.  With that said, the Complete Templates is also a bit more of an advanced product and teaching aid rather than a specific program.  In essence it teaches lifters and athletes how to customize and create their own training programs with limitless options and possibilities.

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This program includes the same high-end techniques and training protocols Dr. Seedman uses with his professional athletes and clients. If leveraged properly, these 21 templates should be able to last an athlete or trainee a few years as it gives so many different options, variety, and methods for breaking up workouts in different ways. If you recently hit a plateau in your muscle building endeavors and are in need for a potent training stimulus to kick-start renewed gains in size and muscularity this routine is just what the doctor ordered. This program is also very conducive for maximizing body composition, fat loss, and overall leanness particularly if proper dietary guidelines are adhered to. 

  • The program protocols are based on research and practical application that Dr. Seedman has successfully used with his own clients in maximizing their genetic potential.

  • Designed to last a minimum of 2 years, giving unparalleled access to continued hypertrophy, strength, and power gains.

  • Progression plans that help you advance in a systematic way.

  • While designed for experienced trainees, this can also be used by intermediate beginning lifters provided appropriate weight selection and exercise modifications are employed.

  • Repetition and set guidelines for various phases and personal goals, including limitless split options.

  • Individual customization allows for personal challenges.

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In addition, with your purchase you receive a free awesome ab training routines by Dr. Seedman to ensure your core is completely transformed. Specifically, you'll receive the Core Blitz - a workout designed to give you that chiseled, adonis like six pack you've always wanted. 

This ultimate abdominal template is designed  for building core strength and definition. If you're tired of looking down and seeing that blob of irritating fat obstructing that sexy six pack than look no further. Simply, this training routine is the ultimate 6 pack developer - period!

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Dr. Seedman, does the Complete Templates provide various progression protocols, periodization schemes, deloading periods, training cycles, and specialization phases?


The answer to this is both yes and no as many of the common progression schemes and periodization protocols are not something I frequently advocate.  With that said, The Complete Templates is a very unique product in that it provides numerous ways to program the foundational movement patterns as a means of optimizing muscle function, form, neuromuscular efficiency, potentiation, athleticism, strength, and hypertrophy.  In my early years as a trainer I used to be incredibly focused on progressions and periodization and using different complex training cycles until I began to realize after much experience and research that those factors didn't provide much if any value other than to simply confuse the trainee and turn the training program into a numbers game.   What truly matters is #1 technique, mechanics, and form, and #2 proper exercise pairing, sequences, and exercise selection using the foundational movement patterns of human movement.  

When these factors are in place, progressions and periodization methods are really unnecessary as each set performed by the trainee produces a therapeutic response that not only improves muscle function but also helps promote increased strength and size.  With that said if these aforementioned factors are not in place than even the most strategically planned and well-thought progression schemes provide little if any significant benefit as the training stimulus during the actual workouts is not present.  In fact I've seen individuals use some of the most complex progression schemes you could imagine only to find themselves going backwards in their results.  In contrast very simple progression schemes without fancy periodization methods will provide continual improvements in an almost natural fashion as the lifter will continue to become stronger and gain muscle mass on a consistent basis (provided proper exercise execution and selection are present) making it quite conducive for naturally progressing loads.   

In other words don't get overly concerned with progression schemes.  Simply focus on proper exercise execution and programming within your workouts (with ample but not excessive amounts of unique exercise variations mixed in with the basics) and progress will naturally and automatically occur.  For instance weights that once were heavy will become light thereby providing the lifter with the perfect cue to increase the load and or reps. It's as if you'll instinctively know that the weights should be increased.  In contrast even if a routine suggests a planned progression, increasing the load without having actually become stronger or gained significant muscle tissue will only lead to faulty mechanics and inefficient technique ultimately producing a weak training stimulus.  As a result the lifter plateaus.

Simply put progress should occur naturally without having to force the issue if in fact the training methods are sound.  The Complete Templates Provides that while also allowing the implementation of unique exercise variations to be mixed into one's training typically for the sake of challenging the muscles with a foreign stimulus.  For additional information on this check out my article on periodization, programming, and progression HERE.

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