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The Art of Training
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If you want to completely transform the way you both think about exercise and how you perform it yourself than this is the program for you. This program features Dr. Seedman’s groundbreaking book, Movement Redefined alongside his cutting-edge advanced eccentric isometric program that includes a whopping 90 unique workouts. You’ll be equipped to unlocked new found hypertrophy, leanness, speed & power, and biomechanical efficiencies. These truly represent 2 cornerstone pieces of Dr. Seedman’s work as the principles and application of eccentric isometrics presented in Movement Redefined alongside Dr. Seedman’s advanced eccentric isometric program are pivotal tools in the arsenal of any trainee, trainer, athlete, coach, or therapist. Once you’ve applied the tenants, principles, and information presented in these 2 programs, you’ll truly have mastered the art of training!

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Product 1
- Movement Redefined -

Movement Redefined covers Dr. Seedman's groundbreaking work across eccentric isometrics, movement, and muscle function. It includes: (1) 600+ page book on eccentric isometrics and Dr. Seedman’s redefining work on movement transformation, (2) 30+ holistic eccentric isometric training programs, (3) 100+ detailed illustrations, demonstrating proper mechanics, joint angles, and body positioning, and (4) Dr. Seedman’s original doctoral dissertation.

Product 2
- 90 Advanced EI Workouts -

Training Redefined is an advanced workout program that gives you access to 90 cutting-edge eccentric isometric workouts programmed for maximal performance, movement, hypertrophy, speed & power, and biomechanics. Each of the 90 advanced workouts allow you to master the basic movements while concurrently using AHP’s proprietary eccentric isometrics and unique exercise variations that are designed to fully unlock your body’s potential.

Add to Cart | $699.95