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Regardless of age, sport, gender, level of expertise, and prior accomplishments, proper nutrition can be the X-Factor that enables any athlete to reach a level of performance that previously seemed beyond their genetic capabilities. While some gifted athletes often rely on superior genetics and neglect nutrition, consistently successful athletes know that effective dietary guidelines and proper nutrition are the keys to improving their performance.  

From enhanced recovery and muscle repair to improved levels of conditioning and body composition, fine-tuning an athlete’s diet can improve speed, power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscularity, and ability to focus. Furthermore nutrition can be strategically altered to optimize the body’s endocrine function and hormone production. Combined with effective training protocols, an effective diet regimen can increase testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 and other anabolic hormones as well as offset the detrimental effects of cortisol, estrogen, and insulin. Inferior nutritional habits undermine or negate them.
With multiple nationally recognized sports nutrition certifications as well as scientific research and higher education in performance nutrition, Dr. Joel Seedman is highly qualified to consult and assist any athlete with his/her diet and sports nutrition protocols.  Whether you’re a high school athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete seeking to maximize performance, contact Dr. Seedman for one-on-one nutritional guidance. 


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