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Beginner Blitz

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Program Overview

This training program was designed specifically by Dr. Seedman to address the needs of beginner and intermediate level trainees.  Although Dr. Seedman works with many high level athletes he also enjoys helping less experienced trainees accomplish their health, physique, and performance goals. Individuals who are unfamiliar with the exercise routines and workout programs can use this routine with great success as the program as simple and very user friendly.  It’s also conducive for those at the intermediate stages of training looking to take their health and fitness to the next level.  Regardless of your goals, fitness levels, prior level of training experience, or familiarity and comfort with training, this routine will fit the bill on many levels.


Table of Contents

  • Adaptable program that allows a training schedule of 2-6 days of training per week

  • Conducive for novice and intermediate lifters yet foundational enough to be effective for more advanced trainees

  • Designed to last 8-10 weeks or longer.

  • All-inclusive approach to training that targets fat loss, muscle gaining, mobility, stability, body comp, symmetry, and overall muscle function.

  • Increased energy, mood, health, immune function, and sleep patterns.

  • Ideal for those with joint issues or history of injuries as program is designed for those who may have suffered from low back, shoulders, hip, knee, ankle, neck, or postural issues.

  • Increased lean muscle mass, power, force production, movement mechanics, and speed gains after just several weeks. Increase metabolic conditioning and decrease body fat significantly in less than 3 weeks.


Beginner Blitz

This Beginner and Intermediate Workout Routine involves 2-3 days of strength training per week as well as several days of additional yet optional cardio and conditioning training. This program addresses numerous components of health, fitness, and performance including fat loss, strength training, lean muscle gains, cardio conditioning, mobility, stability, and full body strength.  It also targets all major muscles groups of the body including chest, back, legs, core, shoulders, arms, and much more while simultaneously eliminating muscular dysfunction and enhancing body mechanics. As an added bonus, the workout program was designed to be very joint friendly and therapeutic on the body.  Dr. Seedman programmed movements, exercises, and training protocols that are fail proof and very conducive for less experienced trainees. 

  • This program covers a minimum of 8 weeks of training

  • Video demonstrations and cues help you master technique.

  • Strategic supersets to maximize strength, size, & activation

  • Progression plans that help you advance in a systematic way.

  • Repetition guidelines for various phases and personal goals.

  • Individual customization allows for personal challenges.

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