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Speed & Power Program

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Program Overview

If you're looking to get faster and improve your speed, explosiveness, power, agility, and overall quickness then this program is for you. Speed and power-what every athlete wants, what every athlete needs, and what Dr. Seedman’s Speed & Power Program delivers. Whether you're an elite level sprinter, football player, track athlete, tennis player, basketball player, or simply a fitness enthusiast looking to improve their performance, then this program will deliver the results you want! This program will also greatly help jump performance. The tools and protocols used in this plan are taken directly from programs that Dr. Seedman uses with his athletes to make them some of the fastest and most explosive athletes in their sport.

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Table of Contents

With this program you have Dr. Seedman's personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of speed, power and explosiveness. Simply, nothing is left to chance in your quest for speed and power.

  • Improve sprint speed, agility, acceleration, deceleration, and power in just a few weeks.

  • Perform highly focused and quality workouts by knowing exactly which exercises to perform, including the appropriate technique and body mechanics as illustrated by video tutorials.

  • Improve quality of movement that will transfer to any sport or functional area.

  • Increased jump height performance for both vertical and broad jump and improve speed and power endurance.

  • Improve strength and power in as little as several workouts and increase energy, mood, health, immune function, and sleep patterns.

  • Involves minimal equipment and can be combined with any strength training program of your choice.

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Speed & Power Program

Drawing on cutting edge research and on his own work making athletes faster and more explosive, Dr. Seedman outlines the tools and protocols to improve your speed, explosiveness, power, agility, and overall quickness. The program includes only the speed, sprinting, agility, jumping, and power component of training and is meant to be combined with another strength and conditioning program of your choice to maximize your results. Ideally the speed and power program should be performed 2-3 x per week while the strength training routine of your choice should be performed on the other days of the week preferably 2-4x per week. If they're performed on the same day the speed workout should be performed before the hypertrophy or strength training workout. 

  • All movements include video demonstrations and exercise tips to guide the user through proper form and technique execution, ensuring optimal mass gains.

  • The program protocols are based on research and practical application that Dr. Seedman has successfully used with his own athletes and clients.

  • The program can be combined with any strength training program of your choice (Click Here for Strength Programs).

  • While designed for experienced athletes, this can be used by intermediate or beginning trainees provided appropriate rep selection and exercise modifications are employed.

  • This routine is designed to last a minimum of 10 weeks and can be repeated after a brief training layoff (4-7 days of active recovery and rest).

  • Significantly increase speed, power, and explosiveness while also improving body composition in as little as 3 weeks.

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