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Spine Health & Back Restoration Program

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Program Overview

Dr. Seedman's designed his Lower Back & Spinal Restoration program to maximize low back health, eliminate inflammation around the spine, hips, and lumbo-pelvic area, and strengthen the muscles that surround the spine.  This is also an excellent program for anyone looking to improve overall muscle function and eliminate general inflammation throughout the entire body.  

This 6 day a week program addresses critical components for improving spinal mechanics and low back health including mobility, stability, balance, flexibility, rotational mobility, symmetrical loading, structural symmetry, rotational stability, low back strength, core stabilization, shoulder mobility, hip power, and postural mechanics. Although the program is a 6-day split it can easily be reduced to 3 days by incorporating 2 of the strength days and 1 of the high intensity cardio days. 


Table of Contents

With this program you have Dr. Seedman's personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of back and spinal health.  Nothing is left to chance in this highly restorative back program.

  • Eliminate pain, dysfunction, and inflammation throughout the body particularly around the hips and low back

  • Improve movement mechanics by addressing weaknesses, imbalances, strength deficits, asymmetry and instability

  • Increase strength, muscle mass, and overall fitness while simultaneously eliminating low back pain

  • Enhance recovery by eliminating pain, inflammation, and faulty movement mechanics.

  • Improve overall strength, health, and fitness that will translate to everyday living

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Spine Health & Back Restoration Program

If your back is in need of healing, restoration, spinal alignment, and/or renewed strength than this is the program for you. This routine includes the same high-end techniques and training protocols Dr. Seedman uses with his clients and athletes.  The foundation of this routine is predicated on improving muscle function by addressing and correcting one's back movement mechanics.  As the individual's level of back/spinal muscle function and movement mechanics progress all other biomarkers of performance including strength, size, speed, power, and other markers will improve. If you want to take your training and overall health to the next level look no further than this back restoring program.

  • Covers a minimum of 12 weeks of corrective back training

  • Video demonstrations and cues help you master technique.

  • Advanced level, strategic supersets to maximize back health, strength, & activation

  • Progression plans that help you advance in a systematic way.

  • Repetition guidelines for various phases and personal goals.

  • Individual customization allows for personal challenges including 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 day split routine.

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