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Assessing overall results, productivity, and effectiveness of a training routine is often the most overlooked component in one’s quest to reaching their physical goals. However, monitoring progress is paramount in order to effectively analyze results. To effectively track and monitor your progress, you need to know where you began. Body composition—the percentages, in part, of a body’s fat and muscle—and neuromuscular assessment are two of the best starting points to establish.

The days of stepping onto a scale and judging progress on only a number are over. These numbers fail for one reason—they do not accurately measure body composition. Advanced Human Performance’s Dr. Joel Seedman understands this, so he provides the most sophisticated forms of body assessments, scientifically proven to finely gauge physiological markers of fat loss and muscular improvements.  Thus, changes in progress can be seen and monitored on a frequent basis, as this becomes a critical element to customizing training programs for each athlete and client. 

Dr. Seedman also uses cutting edge neuromuscular assessments, including postural analysis and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) developed by world-renowned physical therapists Gray Gook and Lee Burton. 

With the information gained from these state of the art body assessments, Dr. Seedman can finely tune and adjust training protocols, and dietary actions to best meet each client’s goals. 
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