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Poor nutrition routines, fad diets, and weight loss strategies can leave an individual's metabolism in a lethargic state of dysfunction. In fact, metabolic damage is becoming increasingly common among individuals routinely involved in dietary manipulation.  Metabolic damage can have an alarming impact on all individuals, especially those hoping to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase energy, and enhance quality of life. When caloric intake drops without strategically assessing and adjusting other elements of training and lifestyle, an individual can reach abnormally low levels of caloric restriction.  As a means of survival, the metabolism slows to an alarmingly sluggish rate in order to preserve itself from this self-induced starvation.
Unfortunately, the metabolism can be very stubborn and, in many cases, work against the individual’s physique goals, particularly when unsafe physiological and nutritional manipulation is detected.  Simply put, when physiological mechanisms detect starvation mode, the body will often refuse to let go of fat reserves to ensure these adipose storage cells are available for future starvation scenarios.  To make matters worse, the ability to add muscle mass becomes increasingly difficult, and muscle tissue will be sacrificed as a means of providing necessary fuel for daily function.  This process of burning muscle for fuel (gluconeogenesis) not only produces a host of various detrimental health effects but also further decreases your body’s metabolic rate (total amount of calories the body burns). 
Just as increasing muscle mass greatly enhances metabolic rate, muscle atrophy has significant deleterious effects on the metabolism.  Furthermore, a decrease in lean body tissue signifies less effective and efficient training sessions as reduced muscle tissue indicates less work performed per unit of time thereby decreasing the total number of calories burned per session.  Such a series of devastating physiological consequences all too often causes individuals to lose motivation, eventually leading to the cessation of all forms of training and proper nutritional habits. Unfortunately, this can cause further damage as the decreased energy expenditure and increased caloric consumption combined with an already sluggish metabolism spells further metabolic devastation.  However, simple, scientifically sound training, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies can help repair an individual's metabolism in as little as several weeks. Contact Advanced Human Performance and learn how Dr. Joel Seedman has successfully helped numerous clients deal with metabolic dysfunction’s vicious cycle.  

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