Want stronger, more defined, and overall larger calve muscles? Look no further than Dr. Seedman's Monster Calves Routine. Based on the concepts Dr. Seedman outlined in his Men's Fitness article, “How to Get Bigger, Stronger Calves.” Dr. Seedman provides you with an 8 week program and three separate calf workouts to maximize total fiber development in the lower body including the fast twitch, slow twitch, and intermediate fibers. Improve size, strength, definition in as little as 2 weeks while also gaining almost immediate improvements in vertical jump performance and explosive power.

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With this program you have Dr. Seedman's personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of calf performance and hypertrophy.

  • Improve size, strength, definition in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Improve proportionality between left and right sides of the lower leg muscles.

  • Gain almost immediate improvements in vertical jump performance and explosive power.

  • Reduce potential for injury to the lower leg and ankles.

  • Gain functional size and strength that can transfer to sports and other intense physical activity.

  • Reduce calve tightness and inflammation.

  • Improve lower leg mobility, flexibility, and stability.

Program Foundation & Additional Features


Whether you're a beginner or advanced lifter the idea of fully developed, more muscular calves are something we all aspire for. The problpemremains that calves are an often overlooked area as well as one of the most stubborn areas for seeing true results. This routine is the answer to these two problems as it includes the same high-end techniques and training protocols Dr. Seedman uses with his professional athletes and advanced clients.  The foundation of this routine is predicated on improving muscle function in the calves by addressing and correcting movement mechanics, neuromuscular activation, power, strength, and explosiveness.  If you want to take your calf training to the next level look no further than this routine.

  • All movements include video demonstrations and exercise tips to guide the user through proper form and technique execution, ensuring optimal mass gains.

  • The program protocols are based on research and practical application that Dr. Seedman has successfully used with his own athletes and bodybuilding clients.

  • Can be used in isolation or in parallel with traditional strength, size, and exercise programs (i.e., use as 20 minute short, effective workouts before or after your traditional training regime).

  • While designed for experienced trainees, this can also be used by intermediate beginning lifters provided appropriate weight selection and exercise modifications are employed.

  • This routine is designed to last a minimum of 12 weeks and can be repeated after a brief training layoff (4-7 days of active recovery and rest).

  • Significantly increase calf hypertrophy, strength, and power while also improving neuromuscular activation, stabilization, movement mechanics, and explosiveness in as little as 3 weeks.

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In addition, with your purchase you receive 3 free awesome training routines by Dr. Seedman to ensure your entire body is completely transformed. Specifically, you'll receive the following: (1) Upper Body Blast, (2) Lower Body Blowout, and Core Blitz. Each of these was specifically designed by Dr. Seedman to maximize strength, hypertrophy, and neuromuscular activation across the entire body. 


Free Product #1: Upper Body Blast


This intense upper body template is designed for targeting hypertrophy and strength in your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. If your upper body has seen at best minimal results than you're in need of the crazy boost this program packs. Simply, this training routine will put you on the transformative path from a lowly mortal to that of a an adonis! 

FREE PRODUCT #2: Lower Body Blowout


This elite lower body template is designed for targeting hypertrophy and strength in quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, feet, and ankles. If you're tired of stick legs, flimsy/sagging hams, and/or glutes so flat that you could use them as a ruler than this is the program for you. Simply, this program will transform your lower body from a mere mortal to that of Hermes himself!

FREE PRODUCT #3: Core Blitz


This ultimate abdominal template is designed  for building core strength and definition. If you're tired of looking down and seeing that blob of irritating fat obstructing that sexy six pack than look no further. Simply, this training routine is the ultimate 6 pack developer - period!

Get Four Products for the Price of One!

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