What is Muscle Buffering, and Does it Really Work?

In this Muscle & Fitness interview, Dr. Seedman discusses muscle buffering. This includes methods for enhancing a body's ability to clear lactic acid and delaying fatigue for greater gains and monstrous one-rep maxes.  (Read More →)

8 Unique Kettlebell Exercises for Massive Arms

When it comes to arms, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of incorporating the same movements week in and week out. Here are 8 unique kettlebell exercises that will crush your arms via scientifically proven strategies for inducing unprecedented muscle growth. (Read More →)

8 Best Exercises to Perform After a Training Layoff

Where should you start after a brief layoff? Dr. Seedman explains which exercises will re-charge your nervous system and restore your strength, size, and conditioning. (Read More →)

Ninja Training | Hand Clap Pushup to 1-Arm Plank

Besides looking like a ninja, this unique variation of the hand-clap pushup builds a massive chest, powerful pressing mechanics, and unparalleled core stability.  The question is do you have what it takes to perform it. (Read More →)

Safe & Sound | The Best Deadlift You’ve Never Tried

Most lifters use either the conventional close-stance method or ultra wide sumo position for deadlifts. These tend to be overly extreme for most and oftentimes promote dysfunctional mechanics. The overlooked solution is the squat-stance deadlift. (Read More →)

Strict & Straight: The Ultimate Weighted Pullup

When it comes to weighted pullups, many lifters see degradation in technique. By placing kettlebells on your feet you’ll be forced to perform textbook pullup mechanics, as the unique loading protocol promotes optimal body alignment.  (Read More →)