Why Weak Feet and Ankles Can Ruin Your Strength and Speed...And How to Fix

Check out STACK's review of Dr. Seedman's Ultimate Foot & Ankle Training Manual. This often overlooked area of the body is a hidden key that if trained properly can unlock loads of untapped performance and training potential. (Read More →)

Q&A With Dr. Joel Seedman: How to Learn and Evolve as a Strength Coach (PART I)

In Part I of this Q&A interview with STACK, Dr. Seedman explains the science, methodologies, and theories that go into developing his world-class training protocols. (Read More →)

Q&A With Dr. Joel Seedman: How to Develop Your Own Training System (PART II)

In Part II of this Q&A interview with STACK, Dr. Seedman goes even deeper into the science, methodologies, and theories behind his world-class coaching and training protocols. (Read More →)

Table Top Row | The Ultimate Row Technique Fix

The tabletop row is a simple yet highly effective training tool for improving rowing technique, posture, and shoulder mechanics. Learn about all the benefits as well as how to properly perform this unique exercise. (Read More →)

Is Tom Brady’s Training Legit? An Interview with Dr. Joel Seedman and Dr. John Rusin

STACK asks Dr. Seedman and Dr. Rusin on the latest buzz about Tom Brady's and his trainer Alex Guerrero's unique training methodology-"muscle pliability." Fact, fiction, scam, breakthrough method? (Read More ) 

Quadruped Bird Dog Rows Benefits & Variations

The quadruped bird dog bench row is one of Dr. Seedman's go-to rowing variations for teaching an athlete how to dial in their horizontal pulling technique. Learn about the benefits of this unique exercise as well as how to perform it. (Read More →)

A Question Every Athlete Should Ask Their Coach

Every athlete or serious trainee needs a great mentor and/or coach to help them reach that next level in performance. Dr. Seedman's explains his #1 question every athlete or trainee should ask their coach. (Read More →)

Two Kettlebell Exercises to Crush Your Biceps

Kettlebell curls provide exclusive hypertrophy benefits and unique bicep stimulation that are difficult to replicate with other training tools including standard free-weights (barbells and dumbbells).  Here are two unique bicep kettlebell curls that are sure to give you newfound arm growth. (Read More →)

Quadruped (Bird Dog) Benefits & 8 Challenging Variations

The Bird Dog exercise is a highly effective movement for reinforcing proper spinal alignment and core recruitment. In this detailed article, Dr. Seedman teaches the proper technique, highlights key benefits, and illustrates 8 challenging variations. (Read More →)

Training Cues That Do More Harm Than Good

STACK called on Dr. Seedman, Dr. John Rusin, Tony Gentilcore, Tony Benvechio, Andy Haley and others to learn which training cues are producing more harm than good. (Read More →)

Bird Dog Exercise Variations for Core Strength & Back Health
Made famous by low back specialists and functional training experts such as Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, and Mike Boyle, the Quadruped Bird Dog exercise is an an effective movement for reinforcing proper spinal alignment and core recruitment. (Read More →)

The Single-Leg KB Swap: the Most Important Exercise You’re Not Doing

The kettlebell swap improves athletes' hip function, foot and ankle strength, balance, stability, and mobility. Learn the neuromuscular benefits as well as 8 variations and modifications you can begin using today. (Read More →)

Ab Rollout Variations for Core Strength

Looking for exercises to crush your abs, strengthen your core, and improve spinal alignment? Check out Dr. Joel Seedman's ab rollout and ab wheel variations--anti-extension movements that teach incredible levels of core tightness. (Read More )

Fix Your Low Back, Hips, and Posture with Good Mornings

Dr. Seedman considers the Good Morning one of the most effective, yet often overlooked, exercises.  Using the hinge movement pattern, the good morning is excellent for improving strength and hypertrophy in the entire posterior chain and for cleaning up your squat technique. (Read More )  

Proper Upper Body Mechanics on Barbell Squats

In this interview, Dr. Seedman explains the connection between proper spine and shoulders mechanics and optimal hip mechanics during squats(Read More →)

Renegade Rows for Strength: Tricks, Tips, and Tactics

In this interview, Dr. Seedman shares his performance tips for perfecting the renegade row--an excellent full-body movement for building strength and enhancing muscle-function enhancing movement(Read More →)

3 Strength Coaches Predict the Biggest Training Trends for 2017

In this interview with STACK, Dr. Seedman predicts his biggest fitness trend for 2017. His choice may indeed surprise you yet should be taken seriously for huge gains. (Read More →)

Common Mistakes by Trainers and Strength Coaches

Strength coaches and trainers aren’t exempt from making training and programming errors. In this list compiled by STACK Media, Dr. Seedman outlines (slides 8-15) the 7 mistakes he most frequently sees. (Read More →)

Test Your Strength and Weaknesses to Maximize Athletic Performance

Assessing strengths and weaknesses is critical to optimizing performance, strength, and health. Dr. Seedman gives tips to assess your own body and functional strength tests to determine your level of physical preparedness. (Read More →)

Increase Your Bench Press and Squat with PREP Training

To overcome drawbacks with standard eccentric training, Dr. Seedman created Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation training (PREP), which stimulates incredible strength and hypertrophy gains in a safe manner(Read More →)

Changes We Can Expect to See in the Fitness Industry

In this interview, Dr. Joel Seedman discusses why the minimalist and barefoot trend will be making a comeback and why barefoot training is so important for sports(Read More →)

The Importance of Hip and Glute Function

From athletes to the elderly, when it comes to proper hip function, the glutes muscles must fire correctly.  In this interview with STACK, Dr. Seedman discusses how to self-examine, and improve, hip function(Read More →)

Foot and Ankle Workouts for Athletic Performance

Dr. Seedman argues that athletes must train their ankles and feet for performance, and offers tips and exercises to improving foot and ankle function as well as specific recommendations for barefoot and minimalist shoes/footwear(Read More →)

15 Training Mistakes That Top Strength Coaches Want You to Correct Immediately

Gaining a foundation of proper movement mechanics should take initial priority over changes in physical appearance. Once this foundation is laid, physical changes will happen practically almost automatically. (Read More →)

Grip & Forearm Strength

STACK magazine and Dr. Joel Seedman discuss grip strength, and Dr. Seedman shares his insights on concurrent activation potentiation and irradiation and how they relate to grip, hand, and forearm strength(Read More →)

Exercise Induced Nausea: Why it Occurs and How to Prevent It

Even elite athletes occasionally experience nausea after intense training sessions. STACK interviews Dr. Seedman to learn how diet, fitness levels, mode of training, and physiological adaptations all play a significant role. (Read More →)

Build Explosive Strength and Power with Eccentric Isometrics

Dr. Seedman developed Eccentric Isometrics training to immediately improve strength, size, mobility, stability, muscle function, and athletic performance. (Read More →)

5 Things That Happen When You Workout For Too Long

Dr. Seedman and STACK discuss overtraining, overreaching, optimal training volume, and optimal training duration for high school, collegiate & professional athletes. (Read More →)

Why Weighted Wall Sit Challenges are the Dumbest Thing on Social Media

The weighted Wall Sit challenge is one of the more ridiculous social media fitness trends over the past several years. The exercise — regardless of how heavy you can go — is relatively useless, unproductive, and potentially dangerous. (Read More →)

4 Strength Coaches Provide Their Favorite Conditioning Drills to Help You Quickly Get in Shape

The sledgehammer is probably the single most effective full-body conditioning tool that utilizes every muscle in the body from head to toe. However, the key lies in proper execution as most fail to perform sledgehammer work correctly. (Read More →)

This Weightlifting Hack Builds a Stronger Back

When it comes to improving shoulder function and shoulder health, a key factor is having strong and efficient upper-back and lat muscles. Unfortunately, these muscles can be difficult for many lifters to properly target, equating to inefficient muscle recruitment. The rotational strap method can help solve this common problem. (Read More →)

Try Kneeling Olympic Lifts to Build Explosive Power

Kneeling Olympic lifts such as Kneeling Cleans and Kneeling Snatches do wonders for power output, hip drive, and explosive capabilities. It might seem odd and unorthodox, but if you want to become a more powerful athlete, performing kneeling Olympic lifts can unlock enormous gains. (Read More →)