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The Most Effective Training for Shoulder Pain

Dr. Seedman discusses his unique protocols to working with shoulder injuries. Instead of having his athletes and clients work around them he has them work through the injuries by strategically incorporating standard upper body resistance movements that involve the shoulder joint. (Read More →)

"NFL Combine Interview" Strength Doc Podcast: Dec. 2015

Dr. Seedman joins Dr. John Rusin's podcast to discuss NFL combine training and approaches to maximizing an athlete's performance and results. (Listen Here →)

How to Strengthen Your Ankles And Feet To Improve Performance & Prevent Injuries

Dr. Seedman discusses his cutting-edge research and training protocols for the feet and ankles. See how this often overlooked area can unlock enormous strength, power, size, body mechanic, and overall health benefits. (Read More →)

Accentuated Eccentric Training

Expert physical therapist Dr. Mario Novo examines various eccentric accentuated training protocols for improved muscle function and health, including Dr. Seedman’s use of eccentric isometrics for maximizing performance. (Read More →)

Muscle Tissue Regeneration and Eccentric Isometrics

Dr. Mario Novo (DPT) examines critical factors associated with soft tissue work, cryo-therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and more, including Dr. Seedman’s research on eccentric isometrics for enhanced muscle function. (Read More →)