Men's Fitness Articles

The Most Underrated Exercises

Dr. Seedman details three underrated moves every trainee, whether beginner or advanced, should be performing consistently for optimal strength and size gains. (Read More →)

7 Ways to Stimulate Major Back Growth

To create a more dominant frame you need to train smart. In this Men's Fitness interview, Dr. Seedman outlines 7 key tips to ensure you're getting the most out of your back workouts. (Read More →)

10 Workouts to Crush Your Back

To supersize your back you need to put your body through a variety of movements, rep ranges, and strategic high-intensity workouts. Dr. Seedman outlines 10 workouts to put your back on the path to strength and size.  (Read More →)

Get Lean and Muscular with Dr. Joel Seedman

Men’s Fitness interviews Dr. Seedman on fat loss, gaining muscle, and improving body composition, featuring advice on nutrition, hormones, and exercise tips. (Read More →)

Optimizing Fat Loss Without Losing Muscle Mass

In this interview, Dr. Seedman explains how to lose body fat without sacrificing muscle mass, examining how to maximize lipolysis (fat breakdown), eliminate metabolic dysfunction, and improve insulin sensitivity. (Read More →)

The 15 Best Trap Exercises for a Monster Yoke

Dr. Seedman shares his insights and recommends the best trap movements, rep ranges, and activation patterns to build bigger traps and upper back musculature. (Read More →)

The Best Exercises After a Training Layoff

Where should you start after a brief layoff? Dr. Seedman explains which exercises will re-charge your nervous system and restore your strength, size, and conditioning. (Read More →)

Low Back Pain: How to Treat and Prevent It

With 18 different exercises, training tips, and several workout programs designed by Dr. Seedman, this article is a must read for anyone experiencing back issues. (Read More →)

10 Methods to Increase Strength and Size in Half the Time

Men’s Fitness editors interview Dr. Seedman about the most effective methods for building strength and size in less time, inlcuding eccentric isometrics, post activation potentiation, and other high intensity techniques. (Read More →)

How Sex Affects Athletic Performance

Can an athlete's sex life hinder athletic performance? Men’s Fitness and Dr. Seedman discuss the affects of sex on performance, strength, and training. (Read More →)

Break All Your Strength Records Today

Dr. Seedman and Dr. John Rusin share their insights on post-activation potentiation, a training concept both employ with their collegiate and professional athletes. (Read More →)

Get Bigger, Stronger Calves

Men’s Fitness interviewed Dr. Seedman to get his opinion on the most effective methods for inducing hypertrophy, strength gains, and muscle function in the calves. (Read More →)