Creatine for Muscle Growth and Sports Performance

Dr. Seedman lays out the research and evidence that strongly supports athletes supplementing with creatine monohydrate. (Read More →)

BCAA's for Recovery, Athletic Performance & Hypertrophy

Supplementation of BCAA's can be of great importance to athletes looking to boost recovery, increase muscle mass, and reduce fatigue in both anaerobic and endurance sports. (Read More →)

HMB for Muscle Mass, Strength & Body Composition

Dr. Seedman examines the research for HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate), which has been embraced as an effective muscle building supplement. (Read More →)

Nitric Oxide Supplementation for Strength & Power Athletes

Dr. Seedman explains how nitric oxide works and how the increased delivery and transport of blood and nutrients may be an effective way to enhance hypertrophy and increase recovery capabilities. (Read More →)

Bovine Colostrum: Enhancements in IGF-1 and Hypertrophy Markers

Dr. Seedman explores the research on bovine colostrum, specifically it's potential for enhancing hypertrophy and increasing strength and power. (Read More →)

Pyruvate for Fat Loss & Aerobic Endurance

Dr. Seedman examines the research for pyruvate's claimed benefits, which include reduction of fatty mass, lowering of blood lipids, and improved endurance during aerobic activity. (Read More →)

Glutamine: Increased Strength, Recovery, Immune Support & Sports Performance

Dr. Seedman considers the case for glutamine potentially leading to increases in muscle mass, strength, and power. (Read More →)

Ginseng for Energy, Immune Function & Cognitive Function

Dr. Seedman outlines the benefits of ginseng supplementation, including elevated mood, increased energy, strengthen the immune system, and improved work capacity and muscular oxygen utilization. (Read More →)

ZMA Supplements for Strength, Physique & Power Athletes

Dr. Seedman makes the case for ZMA, which includes Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and vitamin B-6 and may increase muscle mass and enhance sleep quality. (Read More →)

Taurine for Improved Recovery, Strength & Body Composition  

Dr. Seedman highlights research that shows taurine's potential to increase muscle mass, muscle strength, power, and reduce muscle damage caused by exercise. (Read More →)

CLA: The Underrated Sports and Bodybuilding Supplement

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has been shown to improve body composition, enhance immune function, reduce markers of atherosclerosis. (Read More →)