Negative Accentuated Powerlifting

Developed by Dr. Joel Seedman, the Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation (PREP) protocol allows lifters to incorporate negative accentuated movements into the squat, benchpress, and deadlift exercises for incredible strength and size gains. (Read More →)

The Best Way to Deadlift: Squat-Stance Deadlift

In this AHP exclusive, Dr. Seedman outlines why the squat stance is the superior deadlift position. See how his groundbreaking research can increase your deadlift gains today. (Read More →)

Crush Your Chest with the Sandwich Squeeze Press

Want to recruit as many chest fibers as possible? Of course you do! Add this to your next chest workout and see why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular pressing movements amongst bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike. (Read More →)

The Most Underrated Exercises

Dr. Seedman details three underrated moves every trainee, whether beginner or advanced, should be performing consistently for optimal strength and size gains. (Read More →)

Tip: Correct Your Mechanics for Pain-Free Squats

Does it hurt to squat, and not in a good way? Use this training method to fix your technique. (Read More →)

Safe & Sound | The Best Deadlift You’ve Never Tried

Most lifters use either the conventional close-stance method or ultra wide sumo position for deadlifts. These tend to be overly extreme for most and oftentimes promote dysfunctional mechanics. The overlooked solution is the squat-stance deadlift. (Read More →)

Earthquake Training: 6 Unstable Overhead Lifts for Quick Gains

These exercise variations will tax you, frustrate you, and cause you great discomfort. But most of all, they'll make you a far better lifter. Why? They all involve the use of unstable or "oscillating" objects. (Read More →)

Tip: Do the Pizza Plate Press

Test your shoulder mechanics and get stronger overhead with this diagnostic exercise. (Read More →)

6 Lifts to Fix Your Overhead Press

Dr. Seedman shows you how to improve your technique, wipe out deficiencies, and get more weight over your head than ever before. (Read More →)

Gain Strength and Size with Specialty Barbells

Dr. Seedman discusses using specialty barbells for gaining strength and size while reducing joint stress. He examines: the trap bar, cambered bar, fat bar, multi-grip bar, log bars, safety squat bar, and others. (Read More →)

Test Your Bench Press Technique

Is your bench press technique setting you up for injury?  Here's a quick test and cues that will help ensure you're maximizing your pressing technique in terms of building size, strength, and muscle function as well as minimizing risk of injury. (Read More →)

Bottoms-Up Training: Fix Your Shoulders & Pressing Technique Today

Dr. Seedman discusses how to use bottoms-up exercises to improve shoulder health and lifting mechanics.  Bottoms-up movements re-educate your nervous system and teach you to use correct biomechanics. (Read More →)

Advanced Strength Training and Eccentric Isometrics

In May 2016, Dr. Joel Seedman joined Dr. John Rusin, Dean Somerset, and others for a one of a kind international online conference. Via podcast, Dr. Seedman discusses eccentric isometrics, muscle spindles, proprioception, bottoms up training, hanging band technique training. (Listen Here →)

Fix your Overhead Mechanics With The Javelin Press

Build your shoulders, traps, upper back, and triceps with this brutal yet highly effective exercise for building massive strength and hypertrophy. (Read More →)

Make Cable Pull-Throughs Even Better

Dr. Seedman presents a more effective modification of the cable pull through for those with low back issues, hip and knee pain, faulty posture, or lack of mobility. (Read More →)

Renegade Rows for Strength: Tricks, Tips & Tactics

In this interview, Dr. Seedman shares his performance tips for perfecting the renegade row--an excellent full-body movement for building strength and enhancing muscle-function enhancing movement. (Read More →)

The Best Way to Squat? Go Parallel

Part 2 of Dr. Seedman's popular and controversial squat series builds on his argument for the superiority of parallel squats. Here, he focuses on the mechanics, cues, and activation tips needed to perform a proper parallel squat. (Read More →)

Common Mistakes by Trainers & Strength Coaches

Strength coaches and trainers aren’t exempt from making training and programming errors. In this list compiled by STACK, Dr. Seedman outlines (slides 8-15) the 7 mistakes he most frequently sees. (Read More →)

Test Your Strength & Weaknesses to Maximize Athletic Performance

Assessing strengths and weaknesses is critical to optimizing performance, strength, and health. Dr. Seedman gives tips to assess your own body and functional strength tests to determine your level of physical preparedness. (Read More →)

Improve Strength and Muscle Function with Bottoms-Up Exercises

Dr. Seedman shows you how to use bottoms-up training with kettlebells, plates, and dumbbells, and how these exercises immediately improve strength, stability, and mechanics. He also discusses how he uses these with his pro and collegiate athletes to prevent and overcome injuries.  (Read More →)

10 Methods to Increase Strength & Size in Half the Time

Men’s Fitness editors interview Dr. Seedman about the most effective methods for building strength and size in less time, inlcuding eccentric isometrics, post activation potentiation, and other high intensity techniques. (Read More →)

Increase Your Bench Press and Squat with PREP Training

To overcome drawbacks with standard eccentric training, Dr. Seedman created Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation training (PREP), which stimulates incredible strength and hypertrophy gains in a safe manner. (Read More →)

Front Squats for Performance Benefits

In explaining how front squats are an excellent squat variation for improving technique, mobility, and muscle function for athletes, Eric Bach consults Dr. Seedman, Dr. John Rusin and others. (Read More →)

Parallel Squats Trump 'ATG'

Part 1 of Dr. Seedman's most popular and controversial squat series explains why the parallel squat is ideal for most athletes and examines why the 'ass-to-grass' squat produces dysfunction and flawed movement mechanics. (Read More →) 

NFL Combine Interview and Podcast

Dr. Seedman joins Dr. John Rusin's podcast to discuss NFL combine training and approaches to maximizing an athlete's performance and results. (Read More →)

Pre-exhaustion on Dips for Muscular Hypertrophy

Dr. Seedman uses dips to explain why pre-exhaustion and pre-activation should be used to facilitate greater emphasis on specific muscle groups. (Read More →)

Renegade Rows: True Test of Full-Body Strength & Muscle Function

Dr. Seedman explains why renegade rows are not only one of the most effective movements for increasing strength in the upper body and core but they’re also a great test and assessment of muscle function. (Read More →)

The Truth About Dips and How to Perform Them

Since most athletes and trainees butcher dips, Dr. Seedman analyzes how to perform dips so they are healthy on the jointsand produce incredible strength, size, and muscularity throughout the entire upper body. (Read More →)

Accentuated Eccentric Training

Expert physical therapist Dr. Mario Novo examines various eccentric accentuated training protocols for improved muscle function and health, including Dr. Seedman’s use of eccentric isometrics for maximizing performance. (Read More →)

Grip & Forearm Strength

STACK magazine and Dr. Joel Seedman discuss grip strength, and Dr. Seedman shares his insights on concurrent activation potentiation and irradiation and how they relate to grip, hand, and forearm strength. (Read More →)

Exercise Induced Nausea: Why It Occurs and How to Prevent It

Even elite athletes occasionally experience nausea after intense training sessions. STACK interviews Dr. Seedman to learn how diet, fitness levels, mode of training, and physiological adaptations all play a significant role. (Read More →)

Build Explosive Strength and Power with Eccentric Isometrics

Dr. Seedman developed Eccentric Isometrics training to immediately improve strength, size, mobility, stability, muscle function, and athletic performance. (Read More →)

Muscle Tissue Regeneration and Eccentric Isometrics

Dr. Mario Novo (DPT) examines critical factors associated with soft tissue work, cryo-therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and more, including Dr. Seedman’s research on eccentric isometrics for enhanced muscle function. (Read More →)

Squat-Stance Deadlifts for Strength and Size

Dr. Seedman tweaked legendary powerlifter Ed Coan’s sumo deadlift to make it more joint friendly and conducive for maximizing strength, hypertrophy, and performance for athletes and general populations alike. (Read More →)

5 Things That Happen When You Workout for Too Long

Dr. Seedman and STACK discuss overtraining, overreaching, optimal training volume, and optimal training duration for high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. (Read More →)

Eccentric Isometrics Podcast

In this hour-long interview Dr. Seedman explains the science and practical application of eccentric isometrics, movement mechanics, barefoot training, kneeling overhead movements, and various methods of resistance training. (Listen Here →)

Break All Your Strength Records Today

Dr. Seedman and Dr. John Rusin share their insights on post-activation potentiation, a training concept both employ with their collegiate and professional athletes. (Read More →)

12 Tests of Strength & Muscle Function

Dr. Seedman shares and explains the tests he developed to assess the his clients' functional strength. Tests include measures of lower- and upper-body strength, stability, mobility, foot and ankle activation, and movement mechanics. (Read More →)

Stability Training for Strength, Size & Performance

Perfected and made famous by Dr. Seedman, the Hanging Band Technique (HBT) is an advanced training method that maximizes strength and hypertrophy gains and improves performance and joint health. (Read More →)

Get Bigger, Stronger Calves

Men’s Fitness interviewed Dr. Seedman to get his opinion on the most effective methods for inducing hypertrophy, strength gains, and muscle function in the calves. (Read More →)

Overhead Presses for Size, Strength & Performance

Dr. Seedman shares several of his proprietary movements--eyes-closed eccentric isometrics, bottoms-up plate presses, and kneeling-on-bench presses--that enhance shoulder strength and hypertrophy and improve biomechanics. (Read More →)