Is Tom Brady’s Training Legit?

STACK asks Dr. Seedman and Dr. Rusin on the latest buzz about Tom Brady's and his trainer Alex Guerrero's unique training methodology-"muscle pliability." Fact, fiction, scam, breakthrough method? (Read More →)

A Question Every Athlete Should Ask Their Coach

Every athlete or serious trainee needs a great mentor and/or coach to help them reach that next level in performance. Dr. Seedman's explains his #1 question every athlete or trainee should ask their coach. (Read More →)

The Most Effective Training for Shoulder Pain

Dr. Seedman discusses his unique protocols to working with shoulder injuries. Instead of having his athletes and clients work around them he has them work through the injuries by strategically incorporating standard upper body resistance movements that involve the shoulder joint. (Read More →)

How Sex Affects Training, Sports, and Competition

Learn how sex can impact sports, competition, and athletic performance, and learn what athletes and lifters should be aware of when it comes to maximizing their performance, physique, and hormonal function. (Read More →)

Common Mistakes by Trainers & Strength Coaches

Strength coaches and trainers aren’t exempt from making training and programming errors. In this list compiled by STACK Media, Dr. Seedman outlines (slides 8-15) the 7 mistakes he most frequently sees. (Read More →)

Test Your Strength & Weaknesses to Maximize Athletic Performance

Assessing strengths and weaknesses is critical to optimizing performance, strength, and health. Dr. Seedman gives tips to assess your own body and functional strength tests to determine your level of physical preparedness. (Read More →)

How Sex Affects Your Athletic Performance, Fitness, and Strength

Dr. Joel Seedman joins the The Dr. Leigh Vinocur Show podcast to analyze the science and answer the big question: "Does sex help or hurt athletic performance? (Read More →)

NFL Combine Interview and Podcast

Dr. Seedman joins Dr. John Rusin's podcast to discuss NFL combine training and approaches to maximizing an athlete's performance and results. (Read More →)

How Sex Affects Athletic Performance

Can an athlete's sex life hinder athletic performance? Men’s Fitness and Dr. Seedman discuss the affects of sex on performance, strength, and training. (Read More →)

Foot and Ankle Workouts for Athletic Performance

Dr. Seedman argues that athletes must train their ankles and feet for performance, and offers tips and exercises to improving foot and ankle function as well as specific recommendations for barefoot and minimalist shoes/footwear. (Read More →)

12 Ultimate Tests of Strength and Muscle Function

Dr, Seedman shares and explains the tests he developed to assess the his clients' functional strength. Tests include measures of lower- and upper-body strength, stability, mobility, foot and ankle activation, and movement mechanics. (Read More →)

Foot & Ankle Training for Optimal Performance

Proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics are the most neglected areas in performance training. Dr. Seedman shares exercises, drills, and cues are best for developing proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics. (Read More →)

BCAA's for Recovery, Athletic Performance, and Hypertrophy

Supplementation with BCAA's can be of great importance to athletes looking to boost recovery, increase muscle mass, and reduce fatigue in both anaerobic and endurance sports. (Read More →)

HMB for Muscle Mass, Strength, Performance, and Body Composition

Dr. Seedman examines the research for HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate), which has been embraced as an effective muscle building supplement. (Read More →)