Lunges & Split Squats: You're Doing them Wrong

The lunge or split squat has been one of the most popular lower body exercises for decades. The problem? Most people, including many "expert trainers," do them improperly, negating the benefits. Here are 22 cues to master your lunge. (Read More →)

Table Top Row | The Ultimate Row Technique Fix

The tabletop row is a simple yet highly effective training tool for improving rowing technique, posture, and shoulder mechanics. Learn about all the benefits as well as how to properly perform this unique exercise. (Read More →)

The Best Ways to Perform Weighted Pullups

Most individuals underestimate the importance of lower body positioning during pullups and chin-ups. See why the dorsiflexion and knee flexion loading exercises have  10 key benefits that will ensure hypertrophy, body mechanics, and strength are maximized. (Read More →)

Quadruped Bird Dog Rows Benefits & Variations

The quadruped bird dog bench row is one of Dr. Seedman's go-to rowing variations for teaching an athlete how to dial in their horizontal pulling technique. Learn about the benefits of this unique exercise as well as how to perform it. (Read More →)

Fix Your Lateral Raises By Targeting Your Grip

Few people realize that grip strength and shoulder mechanics are directly related. Learn why as Dr. Seedman uncovers an often overlooked yet hidden secret to huge shoulders. (Read More →) 

Ninja Training | Hand Clap Pushup to 1-Arm Plank

Besides looking like a ninja, this unique variation of the hand-clap pushup builds a massive chest, powerful pressing mechanics, and unparalleled core stability.  The question is do you have what it takes to perform it. (Read More →)

10 Unique Rowing Movements To Fix Your Body Mechanics

For upper back strength and size, nothing beats rowing exercises. Sadly, most lifters do them improperly. Here are 10 unique rowing variations that not only crush your back (in a good way), but also eliminate form issues by forcing you to use proper mechanics. (Read More →)

Quadruped (Bird Dog) Benefits & 9 Challenging Variations

The Bird Dog exercise is a highly effective movement for reinforcing proper spinal alignment and core recruitment. In this detailed article, Dr. Seedman teaches the proper technique, highlights key benefits, and illustrates 8 challenging variations. (Read More →)

Parallel versus ATG Squats | Part I

If you're human and your goal is maximal performance, strength, and muscle growth, then parallel squats are far superior to ass-to-grass (ATG) squats. Learn why parallel trump ATG squats in Part I of this exclusive article.  (Read More →)

Eccentric Isometrics | The Ultimate Way to Strength Train (Part I)

In this exclusive article, Dr. Seedman discusses his groundbreaking research on eccentric isometrics. If you're looking to maximize athletic performance, strength, hypertrophy, mobility, stability, speed, and overall muscle function nothing is more effective than eccentric isometrics. (Read More →)

Eccentric Isometrics | The Ultimate Way to Strength Train (Part II)

In Part II of his groundbreaking research on eccentric isometrics, Dr. Seedman dives even deeper by exploring movement patterns, exercises, and key benefits of implementing eccentric isometrics into your training protocols. (Read More →)

Fix your Overhead Mechanics With The Javelin Press

Build your shoulders, traps, upper back, and triceps with this brutal yet highly effective exercise for building massive strength and hypertrophy. (Read More →)

6 Push-Up Variations You've Never Tried

These six push-up variations do it all. They can build your chest, strengthen your core, and even boost your bench press. Check 'em out. (Read More →)

Tip: Correct Your Mechanics for Pain-Free Squats

Does it hurt to squat, and not in a good way? Use this training method to fix your technique. (Read More →)

Earthquake Training: 6 Unstable Overhead Lifts for Quick Gains

These exercise variations will tax you, frustrate you, and cause you great discomfort. But most of all, they'll make you a far better lifter. Why? They all involve the use of unstable or "oscillating" objects. (Read More →)

Tip: Close Your Eyes On This Lift

Recruit more motor units, improve form, and build more shutting your eyes? Yep, here's how it works. (Read More →)

Advanced Strength Training and Eccentric Isometrics

In May 2016, Dr. Joel Seedman joined Dr. John Rusin, Dean Somerset, and others for a one of a kind international online conference. Via podcast, Dr. Seedman discusses eccentric isometrics, muscle spindles, proprioception, bottoms up training, hanging band technique training. (Listen Here →)

Proper Upper Body Mechanics on Barbell Squats

In this interview, Dr. Seedman explains the connection between proper spine and shoulders mechanics and optimal hip mechanics during squats. (Read More →)

Renegade Rows for Strength: Tricks, Tips, and Tactics

In this interview, Dr. Seedman shares his performance tips for perfecting the renegade row--an excellent full-body movement for building strength and enhancing muscle-function enhancing movement. (Read More →)

The Best Exercises After a Training Layoff

Where should you start after a layoff? Dr. Seedman explains which exercises will re-charge your nervous system and restore your strength, size, and conditioning. (Read More →)

Low Back Pain: How to Treat and Prevent It

With 18 different exercises, training tips, and several workout programs designed by Dr. Seedman, this article is a must read for anyone experiencing back issues. (Read More →)

Test Your Strength and Weaknesses to Maximize Athletic Performance

Assessing strengths and weaknesses is critical to optimizing performance, strength, and health. Dr. Seedman gives tips to assess your own body and functional strength tests to determine your level of physical preparedness. (Read More →)

Improve Strength and Muscle Function with Bottoms-Up Exercises

Dr. Seedman shows you how to use bottoms-up training with kettlebells, plates, and dumbbells, and how these exercises immediately improve strength, stability, and mechanics. He also discusses how he uses these with his pro and collegiate athletes to prevent and overcome injuries.  (Read More →)

Parallel Squats Trump 'ATG' 

Part 1 of Dr. Seedman's most popular and controversial squat series explains why the parallel squat is ideal for most athletes and examines why the 'ass-to-grass' squat produces dysfunction and flawed movement mechanics. (Read More →) 

Renegade Rows: True Test of Full-Body Strength & Muscle Function (T-Nation - 12/22/15)

Dr. Seedman explains why renegade rows are not only one of the most effective movements for increasing strength in the upper body and core but they’re also a great test and assessment of muscle function. (Read More →)

The Truth About Dips and How to Perform Them (T-Nation - 12/14/15)

Since most athletes and trainees butcher dips, Dr. Seedman analyzes how to perform dips so they are healthy on the joints and produce incredible strength, size, and muscularity throughout the entire upper body. (Read More →)

The Importance of Hip and Glute Function

From athletes to the elderly, when it comes to proper hip function, the glutes muscles must fire correctly.  In this interview with STACK, Dr. Seedman discusses how to self-examine, and improve, hip function. (Read More →)

Accentuated Eccentric Training

Expert physical therapist Dr. Mario Novo examines various eccentric accentuated training protocols for improved muscle function and health, including Dr. Seedman’s use of eccentric isometrics for maximizing performance. (Read More →)

Eccentric Isometrics Podcast

In this hour-long interview Dr. Seedman explains the science and practical application of eccentric isometrics, movement mechanics, barefoot training, kneeling overhead movements, and various methods of resistance training. (Listen Here →)

12 Tests of Strength & Muscle Function

Dr, Seedman shares and explains the tests he developed to assess the his clients' functional strength. Tests include measures of lower- and upper-body strength, stability, mobility, foot and ankle activation, and movement mechanics. (Read More →)

Get Bigger, Stronger Calves

Men’s Fitness interviewed Dr. Seedman to get his opinion on the most effective methods for inducing hypertrophy, strength gains, and muscle function in the calves. (Read More →)

Overhead Presses for Size, Strength & Performance

Dr. Seedman shares several of his proprietary movements--eyes-closed eccentric isometrics, bottoms-up plate presses, and kneeling-on-bench presses--that enhance shoulder strength and hypertrophy and improve biomechanics. (Read More →)

Foot & Ankle Training for Optimal Performance

Proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics are the most neglected areas in performance training. Dr. Seedman shares exercises, drills, and cues are best for developing proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics. (Read More →)