Negative Accentuated Powerlifting

Developed by Dr. Joel Seedman, the Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation (PREP) protocol allows lifters to incorporate negative accentuated movements into the squat, benchpress, and deadlift exercises for incredible strength and size gains. (Read More →)

The Best Way to Deadlift: Squat-Stance Deadlift

In this AHP exclusive, Dr. Seedman outlines why the squat stance is the superior deadlift position. See how his groundbreaking research can increase your deadlift gains today. (Read More →)

Parallel versus ATG Squats | Part I

If you're human and your goal is maximal performance, strength, and muscle growth, then parallel squats are far superior to ass-to-grass (ATG) squats. Learn why parallel trump ATG squats in Part I of this exclusive article.  (Read More →)

Safe & Sound | The Best Deadlift You’ve Never Tried

Most lifters use either the conventional close-stance method or ultra wide sumo position for deadlifts. These tend to be overly extreme for most and oftentimes promote dysfunctional mechanics. The overlooked solution is the squat-stance deadlift. (Read More →)

Tip: Correct Your Mechanics for Pain-Free Squats

Does it hurt to squat, and not in a good way? Use this training method to fix your technique. (Read More →)

Improve Strength & Muscle Function with Bottoms-Up Exercises

Dr. Seedman shows you how to use bottoms-up training with kettlebells, plates, and dumbbells, and how these exercises immediately improve strength, stability, and mechanics. He also discusses how he uses these with his pro and collegiate athletes to prevent and overcome injuries. (Read More →)

Increase Your Bench Press and Squat with PREP Training

To overcome drawbacks with standard eccentric training, Dr. Seedman created Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation training (PREP), which stimulates incredible strength and hypertrophy gains in a safe manner. (Read More →)

The Best Way to Squat? Go Parallel

Part 2 of Dr. Seedman's popular and controversial squat series builds on his argument for the superiority of parallel squats. Here, he focuses on the mechanics, cues, and activation tips needed to perform a proper parallel squat.  (Read More →)

Parallel Squats Trump 'ATG'

Dr. Seedman's most popular (and controversial!) article explains why the parallel squat is the ideal squatting depth for most athletes and examines why the 'ass-to-grass' squat produces dysfunction and flawed movement mechanics. (Read More →)

Grip & Forearm Strength

STACK magazine and Dr. Joel Seedman discuss grip strength, and Dr. Seedman shares his insights on concurrent activation potentiation and irradiation and how they relate to grip, hand, and forearm strength. (Read More →)

Build Explosive Strength & Power with Eccentric Isometrics

Dr. Seedman developed Eccentric Isometrics training to immediately improve strength, size, mobility, stability, muscle function, and athletic performance. (Read More →)

Squat-Stance Deadlifts for Strength and Size

Dr. Seedman tweaked legendary powerlifter Ed Coan’s sumo deadlift to make it more joint friendly and conducive for maximizing strength, hypertrophy, and performance for athletes and general populations alike. (Read More →)

Overhead Presses for Size, Strength & Performance

Dr. Seedman shares several of his proprietary movements--eyes-closed eccentric isometrics, bottoms-up plate presses, and kneeling-on-bench presses--that enhance shoulder strength and hypertrophy and improve biomechanics. (Read More →)

Negative Accentuated Powerlifting for Size and Strength

Utilizing Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation (PREP) Protocol to safely perform eccentric accentuated repetitions on powerlifts increases muscle mass, strength, and power.  (Read More →)