The Best Way to Deadlift: Squat-Stance Deadlift

In this AHP exclusive, Dr. Seedman outlines why the squat stance is the superior deadlift position. See how his groundbreaking research can increase your deadlift gains today. (Read More →)

Tests of Glute Strength and Hip Function

Got strong and active glute muscles? These tests will confirm whether or not your hips and glutes are properly functioning. (Read More →)

The Worst Way to Perform Deadlifts & RDL's

Yes, everyone should deadlift, but one variation should be avoided, specifically the straight leg RDL. Learn why and how to ensure you're performing RDL's correctly. (Read More →)

Safe & Sound | The Best Deadlift You’ve Never Tried

Most lifters use either the conventional close-stance method or ultra wide sumo position for deadlifts. These tend to be overly extreme for most and oftentimes promote dysfunctional mechanics. The overlooked solution is the squat-stance deadlift. (Read More →)

Fix Your Low Back, Hips, and Posture with Good Mornings

Dr. Seedman considers the Good Morning an effective, but overlooked, exercises. Using a hinge movement pattern, the good morning improves strength and hypertrophy in the posterior chain and for cleaning up squat technique. (Read More →)

Fix Your Hips, Low Back & Posture with the Modified Cable Pull-Through

Dr. Seedman presents a more effective modification of the cable pull through for those with low back issues, hip and knee pain, faulty posture, or lack of mobility. (Read More →)

The Importance of Hip and Glute Function

From athletes to the elderly, when it comes to proper hip function, the glutes muscles must fire correctly.  In this interview, Dr. Seedman discusses how to self-examine, and improve, hip function. (Read More →)

The Cure for Weak Glutes and Inactive Hips

When the glutes aren't doing their job, muscle function and movement mechanics in the hips suffer.  Dr. Joel Seedman shows you how to assess your hip and glute function and presents strategies to eliminate specific deficiencies. (Read More →)

Plates Work Better Than Kettlebells

If you don't have access to kettlebells, use iron grip style plates to perform swings, cleans, and snatches. These provide many unique benefits beyond which traditional kettle bells can produce. (Read More →)