The Best Ways to Perform Weighted Pullups

Most individuals underestimate the importance of lower body positioning during pullups and chin-ups. See why the dorsiflexion and knee flexion loading exercises have  10 key benefits that will ensure hypertrophy, body mechanics, and strength are maximized. (Read More →)

The Proper Way to do Pullups and Lat Pulldowns

Dr. Seedman argues that most athletes (and trainers) are performing pull-ups and pulldowns incorrectly. Here, he corrects the common errors, so you can save your shoulders and produce big gains in your upper back and lats. (Read More →)

Strict & Straight: The Ultimate Weighted Pullup

When it comes to weighted pullups, many lifters see degradation in technique. By placing kettlebells on your feet you’ll be forced to perform textbook pullup mechanics, as the unique loading protocol promotes optimal body alignment.  (Read More →)