Why Weak Feet and Ankles Can Ruin Your Strength and Speed...And How to Fix

Check out STACK's review of Dr. Seedman's Ultimate Foot & Ankle Training Manual. This often overlooked area of the body is a hidden key that if trained properly can unlock loads of untapped performance and training potential. (Read More →)

Single-Leg KB Swap: Strengthen Your Feet & Ankles

Can you strengthen your ankles and feet while also improving core stability, glute function, and postural alignment? You can with the single-leg swap, which works wonders for a number of lower-body neuromuscular deficiencies. (Read More →)

Barefoot/Minimalist Trend and Mobility Optimization

In this interview, Dr. Seedman discusses why the minimalist and barefoot trend will be making a comeback and why barefoot training is so important for sports. (Read More →)

Foot and Ankle Workouts for Athletic Performance

Dr. Seedman argues that athletes must train their ankles and feet for performance, and offers tips and exercises to improving foot and ankle function as well as specific recommendations for barefoot and minimalist shoes/footwear. (Read More →)

Foot and Ankle Training for Optimal Performance

Proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics are the most neglected areas in performance training. Dr. Seedman shares exercises, drills, and cues are best for developing proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics. (Read More →)