Crush Your Rear Delts & Posterior Chain with This Exercise

Building massive rear deltoids is a challenge for most. On top of this, most rear delt exercises allow for improper technique. This killer exercise makes it impossible to cheat, hits your rear delts like crazy, and stimulates your glutes and hams! (Read More →)

The Most Effective Training for Shoulder Pain

Dr. Seedman discusses his unique protocols to working with shoulder injuries. Instead of having his athletes and clients work around them he has them work through the injuries by strategically incorporating standard upper body resistance movements that involve the shoulder joint. (Read More →)

Fix Your Lateral Raises By Targeting Your Grip

Few people realize that grip strength and shoulder mechanics are directly related. Learn why as Dr. Seedman uncovers an often overlooked yet hidden secret to huge shoulders. (Read More →) 

Fix your Overhead Mechanics With The Javelin Press

Build your shoulders, traps, upper back, and triceps with this brutal yet highly effective exercise for building massive strength and hypertrophy. (Read More →)

Earthquake Training: 6 Unstable Overhead Lifts for Quick Gains

These exercise variations will tax you, frustrate you, and cause you great discomfort. But most of all, they'll make you a far better lifter. Why? They all involve the use of unstable or "oscillating" objects. (Read More →)

Tip: Do the Pizza Plate Press

Test your shoulder mechanics and get stronger overhead with this diagnostic exercise. (Read More →)

Tip: Close Your Eyes On This Lift

Recruit more motor units, improve form, and build more shutting your eyes? Yep, here's how it works. (Read More →)

Tip: Build Overhead Power With This Exercise

The dead-stop press teaches your body to turn on all available motor units and much more. Check it out. (Read More →)

6 Lifts to Fix Your Overhead Press

Dr. Seedman shows you how to improve your technique, wipe out deficiencies, and get more weight over your head than ever before. (Read More →)

Bottoms-Up Training: Fix Your Shoulders & Pressing Technique

Dr. Seedman discusses how to use bottoms-up exercises to improve shoulder health and lifting mechanics.  Bottoms-up movements re-educate your nervous system and teach you to use correct biomechanics. (Read More →)

Improve Strength and Muscle Function with Bottoms-Up Exercises

Dr. Seedman shows you how to use bottoms-up training with kettlebells, plates, and dumbbells, and how these exercises immediately improve strength, stability, and mechanics. He also discusses how he uses these with his pro and collegiate athletes to prevent and overcome injuries. (Read More →)

The Truth About Dips and How to Perform Them

Since most athletes and trainees butcher dips, Dr. Seedman analyzes how to perform dips so they are healthy on the joints and produce incredible strength, size, and muscularity throughout the entire upper body.  (Read More →)

Overhead Presses for Size, Strength & Performance

Dr. Seedman shares several of his proprietary movements--eyes-closed eccentric isometrics, bottoms-up plate presses, and kneeling-on-bench presses--that enhance shoulder strength and hypertrophy and improve biomechanics. (Read More →)