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Dr. Joel Seedman, PhD

Dr. Joel Seedman, PhD

Thanks for turning to Dr. Seedman and AHP for your performance, fitness, health, and nutrition goals. With over 15 years of personal and team training, strength coaching, and nutritional counseling experience, Dr. Joel Seedman works with a wide variety of clientele--from amateur to professional athletes, and from adolescent to elderly individuals.  Dr. Seedman takes a holistic approach to training, incorporating the best of neuromuscular physiology, motor learning, exercise physiology, sports nutrition and supplementation, biomechanics, sport psychology, bioenergetics, arthrokinematics, and functional anatomy to aid his clients. In order to maximize performance and health, Dr. Seedman focuses on improve his clients' muscle function and movement mechanics. By doing this, all characteristics of performance, fitness, and health improve-no matter the athlete or training goal.

In addition to working with clients, Dr. Seedman also continues to research, identify, and write about the best and most effective training techniques for optimizing performance, fitness, and health. His writings are featured in national publications and are recognized as among the very best in the industry. He writes and speaks on a wide variety of topics related to exercise science including: athletic performance, bodybuilding, powerlifting, movement patterns, inflammation, muscle function, strength and conditioning, foot/ankle training, rapid eccentric isometrics, eccentric isometrics, and sports nutrition. Thanks again for thinking of Advanced Human Performance. We look forward to helping you exceed your goals and genetic potential!

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Dr. Joel Seedman

Dr. Joel Seedman

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