"Joel Seedman is on my (very) short list of guys that I pay close attention to. I've been in the industry since the late 80's and I'm so glad there are young coaches like Joel out there to inspire and challenge my thinking."

Charles Staley,

“When I think about athletic performance programming that is ahead of the science, the first name that comes to mind is Dr. Joel Seedman. Joel’s innovation and attention to the most acute details make his methods game changers. Whatever Joel puts out, I am sure to not only read, but study. That’s how powerful his coaching is.”

Dr. John Rusin, DPT, PT, 


"I have to say: Joel Seedman is one of those guys I respect a ton...not only as a fantastic coach, but as someone who has an innate ability to think outside the box. I hate him for it. Not in a "I want to punch him in the face" kinda way, but rather "I hate him because he's super smart, and why didn't I think of that?" kinda way. He's the shit."

Tony Gentilcore,

"There have been times when Joel Seedman's work has made me literally stop what I was doing and apply what I read to my own workout the same day. That's what the industry needs more of - actionable information that's comprehensive for the masses. Joel has the unique talent of taking a PhD caliber knowledge base and simplifying it enough to make it accessible to the common folk, but just as potent."

Lee Boyce, Strength Coach, Internationally published fitness writer,

"Joel Seedman has rapidly transformed into a top resource in the fitness industry. Both as a coach and writer, Joel practices what he preaches by properly applying cutting edge science with time-proven principles to get great results."

Eric Bach, BS, CSCS,

“When I talk about the best in the strength and conditioning industry, Dr. Joel Seedman is on my top list. As a clinician and strength coach, there is only the best for my clients, which has included much of Joel’s research into tissue specific adaptations through his Eccentric Isometric protocol. Whether in the training room, or in the research lab, Dr. Seedman is always giving 100% high quality value to the Industry.”

Dr. Mario Novo, DPT,


“Many fitness professionals understand how to improve CLIENTS' movement patterns; Others understand the positive effects of heavy loading for performance. Dr. Joel Seedman is the best in the industry when it comes to heavy loading to optimize movement and performance simultaneously.”

Dr. Zach Long, DPT, PT,