Dr. Seedman's training programs provide the same high-end techniques and training protocols he uses with his professional athletes and private clients. Each program provides you with Dr. Seedman's personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of human performance:  health, strength, stability, mobility, fat loss, and muscle gain.  Nothing is left to chance. 

Each program covers a minimum of 8 weeks of training, and includes the following: 

•    video demonstrations and exercise cues to help you master technique and avoid injury
•    online tracking to measure your progress and adapt the plans as needed. 
•    progression plans that help you advance in a systematic way
•    repetition guidelines for various phases and personal goals
•    individual customization that take in to account personal challenges.  


Strength, Muscle, and Fitness: 4 Day/Week Program

This routine addresses the fitness and body transformation goals of any athlete, bodybuilder, figure competitor, or fitness enthusiast. This program was created to maximize muscularity, strength, body composition, leanness, power, muscular definition, and overall fitness.

This 4-day per week body transformation routine allows the trainee to maximize their workouts while spending less time in the gym (4 hours total per week). The versatility of this program makes it conducive for all fitness and strength levels from advanced bodybuilders to beginning trainees.

Cost: $74.99 (USD)

Strength, Muscle, and Fitness: 3 Day/Week Program

An ideal starting point for beginning trainees, this plan maximizes 3 days and 3 total hours per week to help you achieve massive improvement in lean muscle mass, strength, power, cardiovascular conditioning, body composition, fat loss, cardiovascular conditioning, stability, and mobility.

Cost: $49.99 (USD)

Strength, Muscle, and Fitness: 2 Day/Week Program

Limited training time should not be an obstacle to achieving your goals—work smarter, not harder. Developed with the busy professional or parent in mind, my 2 day/week training routine was designed hectic schedules and limited time in mind. In two days per week, you can make lean mass gains, get stronger, become more powerful, and improve you cardiovascular conditioning, stability, and mobility—all while maximizing changes to body composition.

Cost: $39.99 (USD)


Foot and Ankle Training Routine

The feet, ankles, and toes are the most neglected body parts when it comes to training, performance, and fitness. Most athletes and trainees exhibit significant weaknesses and imbalances in their feet and ankles which contribute to a host of issues throughout their body including pain to the hips, knees, and back, lack of mobility, instability, poor balance, and both chronic and acute injuries throughout the body. Activation starts in the feet and ankles. If the muscles in the feet are not firing properly this spells disaster not only from a performance standpoint but also from a health and wellness perspective. Dr. Joel Seedman spent years examining, researching, and developing the most effective treatments, exercises, and training modalities that correct and restore foot mechanics to their proper level of function. This program includes all of that and more. The routine is laid out through a weekly training protocol that includes 15-20 minutes of daily foot and ankle training for each day of the week. Whatever foot, ankle, and toe issues you have this program is sure to alleviate the root cause.

Cost: $59.99 (USD)

Monster Calves Routine

Want stronger, more defined, and overall larger calve muscles? Then this routine is for you. I developed this program utilizing the concepts discussed in my Men's Fitness Expert Opinion article, “How to Get Bigger Stronger Calves.” The program takes full advantage of various advanced training protocols and maximizes total fiber development in the lower body including the fast twitch, slow twitch, and intermediate fibers. The routine includes 3 separate calve workouts meant to be implemented into any training routine.

Cost: $19.99 (USD)

Shoulder Blitz Routine

We all want shoulders with size, strength, symmetry, and stability, and this workout delivers all four. This plan includes 2 separate shoulder workouts that can be implemented into any training routine or program. Although designed for experienced trainees, this routine can also be used by intermediates and beginners by reducing the weights and modifying some of the exercises.

Cost: $17.99 (USD)

Low Back Health and Spinal Restoration

This 6 day/week program is designed to maximize low back health, eliminate inflammation around the spine, hips, and lumbo-pelvic area, and strengthen the muscles that surround the spine. The routine addresses critical components for improving spinal mechanics and low back health including mobility, stability, balance, flexibility, rotational mobility, symmetrical loading, structural symmetry, rotational stability, low back strength, core stabilization, shoulder mobility, hip power, and postural mechanics. This is also an excellent program for anyone looking to improve overall muscle function and eliminate general inflammation throughout the entire body.

Cost: $79.99 (USD)