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Postural alignment and spinal health are the most underrated aspects of performance and fitness.  Improper spinal alignment disengages and inhibits optimal neural flow and muscle activation, which inhibits efficient movement. Thus, lack of proper spinal alignment compromises many key performance attributes—speed, power, force, stability, symmetrical loading, balance, agility, and reaction time.  
The spine is the human body’s signaling pathway.  Muscles and sensory receptors frequently send the central nervous system messages, to which the CNS responds.  However, a misaligned spine short-circuits neural signaling on this pathway, indicating numerous areas of neurological inhibition that produces dysfunctional recruitment, faulty movement patterns, and muscular weakness. 

Faulty spinal alignment also impedes natural biomechanical positioning of skeletal muscles and joints (structural interference). Impeding biomechanics distorts joint angles (lever and moment arms), ultimately leading to decreased power and torque production.  Furthermore natural arthrokinematics (movement of joint surfaces) of the human body are compromised producing greater risk for injury, trauma, and joint deterioration.
The topic of spinal health and postural alignment is not limited only to performance and structural issues.  In fact poor spinal positioning can affect all aspects of human health, wellness, and aging. This process typically follows a specific chain of events.
First, faulty spinal alignment promotes dysfunctional movement patterns.  Dysfunctional movement patterns promote “unhealthy skeletal muscle tissue.” Related research suggests that unhealthy muscles tissue may, in fact, be the key factor that contributes to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are not only linked to all known physical maladies, diseases, and illnesses but also play a key role in accelerating the aging process.  Research also suggests that the degree of inflammation in one’s body may the primary indicator for developing these devastating consequences.  Therefore, the relationship between aging and deterioration of muscular function is significant.  Spinal health, therefore, may be the key factor determining one's risk for developing various illnesses, diseases, and aging symptoms.
Just as faulty spinal mechanics accelerates cellular deterioration (aging), improved spinal alignment may be the key to reversing this ominous aging process. Dr. Joel Seedman proposes that improving postural mechanics not only enhances muscle function and movement patterns but also promotes optimal performance, health, and wellness.  

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