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Reading cutting edge articles and watching awesome video tutorials are one thing. However, hands-on training can take your performance to a completely new level. Dr. Seedman and the Team at Advanced Human Performance offer seminars in an extensive array of cutting-edge performance, training, and nutrition topics via experiential teachings, lectures, and hands-on coaching. These seminars offer firsthand access to Dr. Seedman’s time-tested research and techniques that have transformed the performance and training of multitudes across the globe.  

Drawing on years of education, teaching, and strength coaching, Dr. Joel Seedman can train and coach you through a seminar or workshop for the ultimate educational hands-on experience.  His lectures, seminars, and workshops provide a dynamic, practical, and user-friendly presentation that will motivate and provoke you and/or your company/organization to achieve maximal performance, optimal body mechanics, and holistic fitness, health and wellness. 

Seminars and workshops range from one hour to week or weekend-long seminars, depending on the level of customization and detail needed, and Dr. Seedman customizes his presentations, demonstrations, educational materials, nutrition strategies, and fitness protocols to your specific population and their needs. Most importantly, each seminar is unique and customized to each audience and venue so whatever your needs are Dr. Seedman can help you not only reach those goals but also exceed them.  

Training Services

Seminars to Help You Break Through Your Genetic Barriers & Maximize Your Ultimate PotentiaL



  • Eccentric Isometrics and Ultimate Muscle Activation

  • Bodybuilding & Hypertrophy Training Techniques

  • Powerlifting and the Art of the Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press


  • Advanced Nutrition Protocols & Sports Supplementation

  • Athletic Performance | Training for Maximal On-Field Performance

  • Strength & Conditioning for Optimal Team Performance


Body Mechanic Services.jpg
  • Neuromuscular Activation & Stabilization

  • Overcoming Pain, Injury, and Rehabilitation

  • Optimizing Lifting Technique, Body Mechanics, & Movement Patterns

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