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Many of Dr. Seedman’s clients routinely utilize private training options provided through AHP.  These include one-on-one personal training, group training, private performance consulting, private nutritional consulting, semi-private training/consulting sessions, on-site training, and in-home training. 

Private training options allow Dr. Seedman to provide the most individualized care and attention to his athletes and clients.  Various training, performance, health, and nutritional services are provided through Advanced Human Performance.

Dr. Joel Seedman focuses his research and training on proper muscle function because doing so yields immediate physiological benefits for his clients.  By teaching individuals how to move correctly, strength, body composition, physique changes, and performance enhancement occur at a rapid rate. As physiology improves, so does the client's overall health, including improvements in sleep, digestion, energy, focus, cognitive function, immune system, allergies, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, endocrine function, hormonal regulation, metabolic activity, and overall physiological function become profoundly impacted. 
Whether you’re a beginner looking to start an exercise and fitness routine for the first time, or an individual frustrated with the months and years you’ve invested into your ineffectual training regime you no longer have to let genetic limitations hinder you from achieving maximal results. Contact Advanced Human Performance to learn how Dr. Seedman can transform your physique, health, and body function. 

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