Online Training & Consulting

Location and distance have often been the obstacles to obtaining the coaching you want and deserve. Online training closes that ‘gap,’ bringing client and coach face-to-face. 

Dr. Joel Seedman has helped clients from around the world via online training. Technology—FaceTime, Skype, YouTube, etc.—facilitates convenient and frequent coaching sessions, and many health and performance markers can easily be trained online:  movement patterns, technique issues, strength, hypertrophy, stability, mobility, and symmetrical loading 

Online training can be enhanced with intermittent in person coaching. Many of Dr. Seedman’s clients have, as their schedule allows, traveled to Atlanta and completed several sessions in person, before following up with weekly online training sessions.  This allows for more efficient and proficient application of online training methods as the client continues to draw on in person coaching with Dr. Seedman.

Don’t let location be a barrier for you.  Contact Advanced Human Performance to learn how simple, practical, and effective online training and nutrition consulting with Dr. Seedman can be.