Pain, Inflammation, & Illness

Joint discomfort, muscle pain, inflammation, structural injuries, and other forms of tissue trauma can severely limit any individual from reaching their fitness goals and enjoying a high quality of life.

For the sedentary, middle-aged, and elderly, chronic inflammation can often cause debilitating pain, which prevents them from participating in any form of physical activity.  Similarly, those who consistently participate in exercise programs often find themselves unable to maximize their progress as inflammation, pain, and neuromuscular inhibition produce various physical and psychological limitations. 

Athletes also suffer from frequent joint and muscle pain as well as local and chronic inflammation. Even mild joint discomfort or musculoskeletal injuries will impede an athlete’s performance and possibly significantly shorten or end their playing career.  

Chronic inflammation is linked to nearly all known physical maladies.  In fact, once significant inflammation begins to accumulate in the body, many individuals will often experience a host of related physical and psychological issues (often times unexplainable by medical physicians). Some of these issues include local and systemic pain, immune system suppression, allergies, fat accumulation, muscle loss, hypertension, chronic fatigue, deterioration in coordination, compromised strength and power, breathing issues, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, endocrine dysfunction, hormonal issues, cognitive impairments, sleep disorders, cellular deterioration, and many other moderate to severe physiological issues that accelerate the aging process.  However, research suggests that significantly reducing levels of inflammation will improve overall health.

While research confirms that inflammation is rising at alarming rates in all populations, various studies in muscle physiology and endocrinology suggest that much of this inflammation and oxidative stress may in fact stem from skeletal muscle cells.  Although these findings represent progress in areas of research investigating chronic inflammation, there is still no conclusion amongst researchers as to which treatments are best. However, after years of education and investigation, Dr. Seedman postulates that muscle dysfunction is the root cause of inflammation and oxidative stress.  

By using various techniques unique to his research and training methods, Dr. Seedman works extensively with each of his athletes and clients to naturally restore their bodies’ overall health and performance by re-training the nervous system to activate the muscle properly generating ideal movement. By correcting movement dysfunction and improper movement patterns, one can maximize his/her overall health and performance. 

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