+ December 2016

Review: Why Weak Feet and Ankles Can Ruin Your Strength and Speed...And How to Fix (STACK - 12/21/16) Check out STACK's review of Dr. Seedman's Ultimate Foot & Ankle Training Manual. This often overlooked area of the body is a hidden key that if trained properly can unlock loads of untapped performance and training potential. Check it out.

Tip: Get Linebacker Strong with the Javelin Press (T-Nation - 12/17/16) Build your shoulders, traps, upper back, and triceps with this brutal exercise. Take a look.

Lunges: You're Doing Them Wrong (T-Nation - 12/15/16) There's a 90 percent chance you're doing lunges or split squats incorrectly. Here's where you're going wrong and how to do them right.

The Most Underrated Exercises (Men's Fitness - 12/16/16) Dr. Seedman details three underrated moves every trainee, whether beginner or advanced, should be performing consistently for optimal strength and size gains.

Tip: The Worst Way to Deadlift (T-Nation - 12/13/16) Yes, everyone should deadlift, but one variation should be avoided.

7 Strength Training Strategies To Maximize Your Results | Part 2 In Part 2 of this popular podcast series, Dr. Seedman's dives even deeper into some of his most cutting edge training protocols including: eccentric isometrics, body mechanics/optimal technique, muscle-mind connection, and barefoot training.

Tip: One Exercise For Big Delts and a Strong Grip (T-Nation - 12/07/16) You've done tons of lateral raises, but you've never done them like this. Take a look.

7 Strength Training Strategies To Maximize Your Results | Part 1 In this podcast, Dr. Seedman's discusses some of his most cutting edge training protocols including: eccentric isometrics, overcoming isometrics, post-activation potentiation (PAP), kinesthetic awareness, and muscle-mind connection.

Tip: Do the Sandwich Press for Big Pecs (T-Nation - 12/04/16) Want to recruit as many chest fibers as possible? Yes, you do. Add this to the end of your next chest workout.

Online Training for Beginners (Bach Performance - 12/1/16) Dr. Seedman discusses his approach to assessing, training, and counseling beginners via online channels such as Skype and FaceTime.

+ November 2016

How to Strengthen Your Ankles And Feet To Improve Performance & Prevent Injuries (Dr. John Rusin - 11/28/16) Dr. Seedman discusses his cutting-edge research and training protocols for the feet and ankles.

Tip: Take the Ultimate Stability Challenge (T-Nation - 11/25/16) Dr. Seedman highlights a true test of full-body stability, strength, and motor control. Take a look.

A Question Every Athlete Should Ask Their Strength Coach (STACK - 11/22/16) If you want to make real, impactful changes to your health, you need a good mentor and/or thoughtful guidance through the process. Here are 11 key questions every athlete or serious trainee should ask their coach or trainer.

5 Things I’m Doing To Improve My Training (Charles Staley | Target Focus Fitness - 11/16/2016) Renown strength coach Charles Staley discusses Dr. Seedman's revolutionary eccentric isometric training protocols.

Tip: Get Better Results from Incline Curls (T-Nation - 11/11/16) Here's a simple way to make this biceps builder even more effective. Check it out.

15 Benefits You'll Experience After Performing Quadruped Bird Dog Rows (STACK - 11/10/16) The Quadruped Bird Dog Bench Row is one of my go-to rowing variations for teaching athletes how to dial in their horizontal pulling technique. Learn Why.

Tip: A New Way to Build Biceps (T-Nation - 11/09/16) Yes, it's odd looking. But it's also a super effective way to trigger new arm growth. Take a look.

The Most Effective Method of Training Through Shoulder Pain (The Strength Doc - 11/09/16) Dr. Seedman discusses his unique protocols to working with shoulder injuries. Instead of having his athletes and clients work around them he has them work through the injuries by strategically incorporating standard upper body resistance movements that involve the shoulder joint.

Tip: The Best Way Hammer Curl (T-Nation - 11/08/16) Make this classic arm builder even better. Here's how.

+ October 2016

Kettlebells Beat Dumbbells for Biceps (T-Nation - 10/31/16) Training the biceps with kettlebells provides stimulation that dumbbells can't hope to duplicate. Here's how, plus 6 exercises to try out.

Tip: Do the Quadruped Row (T-Nation - 10/29/16) This odd-looking rowing variation will fix your form flaws and help prevent low back pain.

Tip: Do the Tabletop Row (T-Nation - 10/25/16) Stop butchering the barbell row. Do this unique exercise, find your form flaws, then get back to heavy rows.

10 Workouts to Crush Your Back (Men's Fitness - 10/10/16) To supersize your back you need to put your body through a variety of movements, rep ranges, and strategic high-intensity workouts. Crush your back with these 10 workout plans.

10 Unique Rowing Movements To Fix Your Body Mechanics (T-Nation - 10/06/16) For upper back strength and size, nothing beats rowing exercises. Sadly, most lifters do them improperly. Here are 10 unique rowing variations that not only crush your back (in a good way), but also eliminate form issues by forcing you to use proper mechanics.

8 Best Exercises to Perform After a Training Layoff (Muscle & Fitness - 10/07/16) Where should you start after a brief layoff? Dr. Seedman explains which exercises will re-charge your nervous system and restore your strength, size, and conditioning.

7 Ways to Stimulate Major Back Growth (Men's Fitness - 10/3/16) To create a more dominant frame you need to train smart. Dr. Seedman outlines 7 key tips to ensure you're getting the most out of your back workouts.

+ September 2016

Two Kettlebell Exercises to Crush Your Biceps (STACK - 9/28/16) Kettlebells curls provide exclusive hypertrophy benefits and unique bicep stimulation that are difficult to replicate. Here are two unique bicep kettlebell curls that are sure to give you newfound arm growth.

Benefits of the Bird Dog Exercise and 9 Challenging Variations - STACK (9/23/16) Here's the right technique to use for Quadrupeds along with 8 unique and challenging variations.

Tip: Fix Your Push-Up Form, Save Your Face – T-Nation (9/15/16) Here's the simplest way to hone in on the ideal push-up mechanics.

Tip: The Right & Wrong Way to Do Weighted Push-Ups – T-Nation (9/14/16) Loaded push-ups with plates or bands are awesome... if you get the resistance in the right place. Here's what you need to know.

6 Push-Up Variations You've Never Tried - T-Nation (9/7/16) These six push-up variations do it all. They can build your chest, strengthen your core, and even boost your bench press.

+ August 2016

Tip: The Worst Way to Do Push-Ups - T-Nation (8/26/16) The way most people do push-ups leads to acute and chronic injury to the joints and tissues. Here's how to fix it.

Tip: Correct Your Mechanics for Pain-Free Squats - T-Nation (8/19/16) Does it hurt to squat, and not in a good way? Use this training method to fix your technique.

Bird Dog Exercise Variations for Core Strength and Back Health - STACK (8/18/16) Made famous by low back specialists and functional training experts such as Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, and Mike Boyle, the Quadruped Bird Dog exercise is an an effective movement for reinforcing proper spinal alignment and core recruitment.

Earthquake Training: 6 Unstable Overhead Lifts for Quick Gains - T-Nation (8/18/16) These exercise variations will tax you, frustrate you, and cause you great discomfort. But most of all, they'll make you a far better lifter. Why? They all involve the use of unstable or "oscillating" objects.

Tip: Do the Pizza Plate Press - T-Nation (8/17/16) Test Your shoulder mechanics and get stronger overhead with this diagnostic exercise.

Tip: The Truth About Push-Up Handles - T-Nation (8/14/16) Are these gadgets helping you or hurting you? Here's what you probably don't know (, but should).

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work - (8/12/16) Tony Gentilcore adds Dr. Joel Seedman's "Push-ups: You're Doing them Wrong" article to his recommended reading list: "Joel is someone you should add to your 'must read' list. I’ve been really, really impressed with his work of late – very smart guy."

Tip: Close Your Eyes On This Lift – (8/12/16) Recruit more motor units, improve form, and build more strength... by shutting your eyes? Yep, here's how it works.

Tip: Build Overhead Power With This Exercise - (8/10/16) This movement teaches your body to turn on all available motor units and much more. Check it out.

Pushups: You're Doing Them Wrong - T-Nation (8/10/16) A lot of people can't do one proper push-up, and you may be one of them. Dr. Seedman outlines the most common problems and how to fix 'em.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Feeling Nauseated After Your Workout - (8/1/16) Here’s what you need to know about feeling sick (or even vomiting) after you sweat—and how to know if you might need to back off a bit for your body’s sake.

+ July 2016

6 Lifts to Fix Your Overhead Press - T-Nation (7/27/16) Dr. Seedman shows you how to improve your technique, wipe out deficiencies, and get more weight over your head than ever before.

+ June 2016

15 Tips on How to Get Motivated To Workout – (6/25/16) Dr. Joel Seedman, Mike Boyle, Scott Abel and others offer your motivational strategies to maximize motivation for your training and fitness program.

Tip: Do the Squat-Stance Deadlift - (6/13/16) Is the conventional deadlift or the sumo deadlift better? For many of us, a combination of the two is best. Here's how to do it.

Get Lean and Muscular with Dr. Joel Seedman – Men’s Fitness (6/10/16) Mens' Fitness interviews Dr. Seedman and gets his thoughts on fat loss, gaining muscle mass, and body composition. He discusses nutrition, hormones, dieting, exercise tips, and more.

Training Cues That Do More Harm Than Good – STACK (6/2/16) Want to know which training cues and fitness tips need to be abolished immediately? STACK Media interviews Dr. Seedman, Dr. John Rusin, Tony Gentilcore, Tony Benvechio, and Andy Haley to get their thoughts on which training cues are producing more harm than good.

The Single-Leg KB Swap: The Most Important Exercise You’re Not Doing – STACK (6/1/16) In this article Dr. Seedman discusses all of the neuromuscular and structural benefits associated with the KB swap as well as 8 unique variations, modifications, progressions and regressions you can make to this amazing exercise.

+ May 2016

Gain Strength and Size with Specialty Barbells – Breaking Muscle (5/26/16)

Dr. Seedman examines using specialty barbells for gaining strength and size as well as reducing joint stress. He also analyses many specialty bars: trap bar, cambered bench press bar, fat bar, football/Swiss/multi grip bar, log bars, safety squat bar, oscillating kinetic energy bars, and others.

Test your Bench Press Technique – T-Nation (5/25/16)

Is your bench press technique is setting you up for injury? Here 's a quick test with some cues that will help ensure you're maximizing your pressing technique in terms of building size, strength, and muscle function as well as minimizing risk of injury.

Is Tom Brady’s Training Legit? Interview with Dr. Seedman and Dr. Rusin – STACK (5/24/16)

Hype, truth, fact, fiction, scam, breakthrough method? STACK magazine interviews Dr. Joel Seedman and Dr. John Rusin about NFL quarterback Tom Brady's and trainer Alex Guerrero's unique training methodology: "muscle pliability."

Optimizing Fat Loss Without Losing Muscle Mass – Men’s Fitness (5/20/16)

Men's Fitnes invites Dr. Seedman to explain how to lose body fat without sacrificing muscle mass. He discuss tips and key points on how to maximize lipolysis (fat breakdown) without having the rebound effect associated with metabolic dysfunction.

How Sex Affects Training, Sports, and Competition – T-Nation (5/19/16)

In this article, Dr. Seedman discusses how sex can impact maximizing testosterone and what athletes and lifters should be aware of when it comes to maximizing their performance, physique, and hormonal function.

Bottoms-Up Training: Fix Your Shoulders & Lifting Technique – EliteFTS (5/17/16)

Dr. Seedman discusses using bottoms-up exercises to improve shoulder health and lifting mechanics. Bottoms-up movements performed with kettlebells, plates, dumbbells, or bumper plates are some of the most effective tools for properly re-educating the nervous system, as they teach the body to move efficiently and use correct biomechanics.

The Proper Way to do Pullups and Lat Pulldowns – T-Nation (5/15/16)

Dr. Seedman discusses the common errors athletes make in performing pull-ups and pull-downs, focusing in how to save your shoulders while producing incredible gains in your upper back and lats

Single-Leg KB Swap: Strengthen Your Feet & Ankles – T-Nation (5/14/16)

Dr. Seedman created the single-leg kb swap (SLKS) in respond to how many of his clients had week feet and ankles. SLKSs strengthen your ankles and feet and improve core stability, glute function, and postural alignment with the single-leg kb swap.

Ab Rollout Variations for Core Strength – STACK Media (5/13/16)

STACK magazine and Dr. Joel Seedman discuss variations of ab rollouts and the ab wheel, an excellent anti-extension movement that teaches incredible levels of core tightness and rigidity while also working the triceps, lats, chest, and shoulder stabilizers.

Rowing Technique: The Proper Way to Row – T-Nation (5/13/16)

Too many trainees row with execcesive range of motion, loss of spinal alignment, and a lack of proper t-spine position, which negatively impacts back/lat activation and disrupts optimal shoulder mechanics. Dr. Seedman shows you how to correct.

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work - (5/12/16) Tony Gentilcore adds Dr. Joel Seedman's "5 Form Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making" article to his recommended reading list: "Many pearls of wisdom in this article"

Tests of Glute Strength and Hip Function – T-Nation (5/12/16)

Got active, strong glutes and hips? Take Dr. Seedman's tests and assess your hip and glute function--and then learn how to being strengthening them today.

Global Performance Summit (5/9-16/16)

This international online conference included some of the biggest names in the fitness industry--Dr. Joel Seedman, Dr. John Rusin, Dr. Mario Novo, Charlie Weingroff, Dan John, Chris Duffin, Dean Somerset, and many others. Dr. Seedman discusses eccentric isometrics, muscle spindles, proprioception, bottoms up training, hanging band technique training, and other cutting edge strength training methods.

5 Upper Body Mistakes Everyone Is Making - T-Nation (5/9/16)

Dr. Seedman sets the record straight once and for all on pullups, rows, presses, and more, examining common technique errors that persist because of training myths and misinformation perpetuated by the fitness industry and so-called "expert" trainers.

Fix Your Valgus Knee Collapse with the Plate Squat – (5/5/16)

The plate squat is an excellent squat variation Dr. Seedman uses with his athletes and clients to help groove the proper squat pattern and eliminate valgus knee collapse.

The 15 Best Trap Exercises for a Monster Yoke – Men’s Fitness (5/4/16)

To build bigger traps and upper back musculature you'll need to use a variety of movements, rep ranges, and activation patterns. In this expert interview with Men’s Fitness magazine, Dr. Joel Seedman offers insights and tips regarding all three.

Fix Your Hips, Low Back, and Posture with the Modified Cable Pull-Through – T-Nation (5/1/16)

Dr. Seedman offers his own twist on the cable pull through, demonstrating a more effective modification ideal for those with low back issues, hip pain, knee pain, faulty posture, and poor mobility.

+ April 2016

Strengthen Your Core with the Windmill Plank – T-Nation (4/28/16)

The windmill plank hold is an excellent full body stabilization movement that absolutely crushes many of the core and hip muscles while also working smaller stabilizers throughout the legs and upper torso.

Eccentric Isometrics for Mobility, Strength & Hypertrophy – The Barbell Physio (4/25/16)

Renowned physical therapist Dr. Zach Long discusses eccentric isometrics (EIs) and Dr. Seedman's research. Dr. Long examines how Dr. Seedman implements EIs with his clients and how this unique form of eccentric training can improve mobility, strength, and hypertrophy.

The Cure for Weak Glutes and Inactive Hips – T-Nation (4/19/16)

When glutes aren't doing their job, muscle function and movement mechanics in the hips--as well as strength, power, mobility, stability--suffer. Dr. Seedman shows you how to assess your hips and glutes and how to eliminate specific deficiencies.

Fix your Low Back, Hips, and Posture with Good Mornings – STACK Magazine (4/14/16)

One of the most effective, yet overlooked, low back, glutes, hamstrings, and postural exercises, the good morning is essentially a standard hinge position--but with the weight loaded on the upper back. Dr. Seedman explores this challenging and potent exercise.

Proper Upper Body Mechanics on Barbell Squats – STACK Media (4/2/16)

Many coaches and athletes overlook proper upper body mechanics for the squat, even though setting the spine and shoulders in their appropriate position produces optimal hip mechanics. Dr. Seedman explains why it’s impossible to produce optimal lower body mechanics without proper upper body activation.

+ March 2016

Renegade Rows: Tricks, Tips & Tactics – STACK Magazine (3/15/16)

Looking for an excellent full body movement that emphasizes the core and upper back? Try renegade rows. STACK magazine shares Dr. Seedman's tips and cues for perfecting this all-important strength building and muscle-function enhancing movement.

+ February 2016

The Best Exercises After a Training Layoff - Men's Fitness (2/19/16)

You took 5-20 days off training but now you're not sure which exercises and protocols are best for your first workout back. Dr. Joel Seedman outlines and explains which exercises will help re-charge your nervous system and what movement patterns are best to restore your strength, fitness, size, posture, mobility, and conditioning.

The Best Damn Way to Squat–Go Parallel! – T-Nation (2/11/16)

Part 2 of Dr. Seedman's popular (and controversial!) squat series fot T-Nation focuses on how to accomplish a proper parallel squat as well as what mechanics, cues, and activation tips are needed to perform them correctly. Read Part 1.

Common Mistakes by Trainers and Strength Coaches – STACK Magazine (2/2/16)

Strength coaches and trainers aren’t exempt from making training and programming errors, so STACK compiled a list of the most common. Skip to slides 8-15 to see which Dr. Seedman sees most often.

+ January 2016

Low Back Pain: Treat & Prevent it – Men’s Fitness (1/27/16)

If you’ve ever experienced back pain or consistently have to deal with nagging back issues, this article is a must read. With over 18 different exercises and training tips--and several workout programs--specifically designed by Dr. Seedman, there’s something for every population: from pro athletes to elderly individuals.

Test Strengths & Weaknesses to Maximize Athletic Performance – STACK Magazine (1/25/16)

Assessing and analyzing physical strengths and weaknesses is a critical component to optimizing performance, strength, and muscle mass. In this interview with STACK, Dr. Seedman gives tips on assessment and functional tests of strength to determine your level of physical preparedness.

Bottoms-Up Exercises: Improve Strength & Muscle Function – T-Nation (1/21/16)

This article examines a unique yet highly effective training technique known as bottoms-up training, a technique that improves strength, muscularity, stability, and overall muscle function. Dr. Seedman also explains how he has successfully used this with his pro and collegiate athletes to prevent and overcome injuries.

10 Methods to Increase Strength & Size (in Half the Time!) – Men’s Fitness (1/17/16)

Men’s Fitness recruited Dr. Seedman's most effective methods for building functional strength and size in less time. Dr. Seedman examines topics including technique, eccentric isometrics, post activation potentiation, eccentric overload, high intensity training techniques, and much more.

Increase your Bench Press and Squat with PREP Training – STACK Magazine (1/14/16)

Dr. Joel Seedman created a unique eccentric training method he refers to as Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation training (PREP) to stimulate incredible strength and hypertrophy gains in a safe manner.

Sex, Fitness & Sports Radio Interview – Radio MD (1/10/16)

Hosted by the one of the largest health radio networks, Radio MD interviews Dr. Joel Seedman regarding sex, sports, fitness, and training. Dr. Seedman gives advice to both athletes and general populations alike for improving their performance by maximizing their sexual health.

Front Squats for Performance Benefits - Bach Performance (1/7/16)

Eric Bach consults Dr. Seedman and Dr. John Rusin to explain why front squats are an excellent for targeting the thighs as well as improving technique, mobility, and muscle function.

Barefoot/Minimalist Trend and Mobility Optimization – STACK Magazine (1/16)

In this interview with STACK, Dr. Joel Seedman discusses why he believes the minimalist and barefoot trend will be making a comeback in 2016 and why barefoot training is so important for sports.

+ December 2015

Parallel Squat Trumps ATG – T-Nation (12/28/15)

Dr. Seedman's most popular yet controversial article explains why the parallel squat is not only the ideal squatting depth for most athletes but for nearly all humans. He also discusses why the common yet faulty ass to grass (ATG) squat produces dysfunction and flawed movement mechanics.

NFL Combine Interview and Podcast – Strength Doc Podcast (12/15)

In this interview with Dr. John Rusin, Dr. Seedman explains several unique facets about the NFL combine training and how he approaches it in order to maximize the performance and results of his athletes. Interview also features: Charles Staley, Paul Carter, Eric Bach & Lee Boyce. Dr. Seedman comments start at 20:45.

Pre-exhaustion on Dips for Muscular Hypertrophy - T-Nation (12/27/15)

Dr. Seedman explains why pre-exhaustion and pre-activation should be used to facilitate greater emphasis on specific muscle groups.

Renegade Rows: The True Test of Full-Body Strength - T-Nation (12/22/15)

Dr. Seedman explains why renegade rows are one of the most effective movements for increasing strength in the upper body and core and also a great test of muscle function.

The Truth About Dips and How to Perform Them - T-Nation (12/14/15)

Dips are one of the most butchered exercises performed by athletes and trainees. Dr. Seedman examines how to perform them in a way healthy for joints while still producing incredible strength, size, and muscularity throughout the entire upper body.

The Importance of Hip and Glute Function - STACK Magazine (12/15)

Because the hips are paramount for athletic performance and everyday living, ensuring that these muscles are firing correctly is critical. Dr. Seedman joins STACK to discuss the steps athletes should take to self-examine their hip function.

How Sex Affects Athletic Performance - Men’s Fitness (12/15)

Men’s Fitness interviewed Dr. Joel Seedman for his perspective on the affects of sex on performance, strength, workouts, and health. He also discusses the steps athletes should take to ensure their athletic performance is not hindered from their sex life.

Foot and Ankle Workouts for Athletic Performance - STACK Magazine (12/7/15)

Dr. Seedman discusses the importance of ankle and feet training for athletes of all ages, levels, and experience, and provides practical tips and information for improving foot and ankle function, as well as specific recommendations for barefoot and minimalist shoes/footwear.

Accentuated Eccentric Training – John Rusin Fitness Systems (12/15)

Expert physical therapist Dr. Mario Novo examines various eccentric or negative accentuated training protocols for improved muscle function and soft tissue health, including Dr. Joel Seedman’s research and eccentric isometrics training methods.

Grip and Forearm Strength - STACK Magazine (12/3/15)

STACK magazine interviews Dr. Joel Seedman about grip strength for resistance training and sports, athletic performance, and overall muscle function. Dr. Seedman discusses grip and power and force production as well as advanced physiological phenomenon like concurrent activation potentiation and irradiation.

+ November 2015

Exercise Induced Nausea: Why it Occurs & How to Prevent it - STACK Magazine (11/23/15)

Even for the most fit and elite athletes occasionally become nauseous after intense training sessions. Dr. Seedman discusses several scientific explanations for this, including diet, training experience, fitness levels, mode of training, muscles emphasized, and physiological adaptations.

Eccentric Isometrics: Build Explosive Strength and Power - STACK Magazine (11/17/15)

Developed by Dr. Joel Seedman, eccentric isometrics represent the new and improved method of eccentric exercise, which address all areas of performance including: strength, size, mobility, stability, symmetry, balance, muscle function, and overall athletic performance.

Muscle Tissue Regeneration and Eccentric Isometrics - Dr. John Rusin Fitness Systems (11/15)

Expert physical therapist Dr. Mario Novo examines critical factors associated with several soft tissure recovery modalities, including Dr. Seedman’s research on eccentric isometrics and how these can enhance muscle function and tissue health.

Squat-Stance Deadlifts for Strength and Size - T-Nation (11/12/15)

Dr. Seedman tweaked legendary powerlifter Ed Coan’s original variation to make it more joint friendly and more conducive for maximizing strength, hypertrophy, power, muscle function and performance for athletes and general populations alike.

5 Things That Happen When You Workout For Too Long - STACK Magazine (11/9/15)

In this interview, Dr. Joel Seedman discusses overtraining, overreaching, optimal training volume, and optimal training duration. These insights will benefit high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

+ October 2015

Break All Your Strength Records Today – Men's Fitness (10/15)

Dr. Seedman joins renowned strength expert Dr. John Rusin examine post activation potentiation and it's practical application.

Eccentric Isometrics Podcast - Hosted by Dr. John Rusin (10/15) Dr. Seedman explains the science and practical application of eccentric isometrics, movement mechanics, barefoot training, kneeling overhead movements, and various methods of resistance training.

+ September 2015

The 12 Ultimate Tests of Strength and Muscle Function - T-Nation (9/15/15)

Dr. Joel Seedman discusses the tests and criteria he uses to assess his athlete's functional strength: measures of lower body strength, proprioception, upper body strength, stability, mobility, balance, core strength, rotary stability, foot and ankle activation, spinal alignment, posture, and overall movement mechanics.

+ August 2015

Hanging Bands for Strength, Size, and Performance - T-Nation (9/31/15)

Hanging Band Technique is an advanced training method that Dr. Seedman frequently uses with his NFL athletes, which maximizes strength and hypertrophy and improves performance and joint health.

+ July 2015

Bigger and Stronger Calves - Men's Fitness (7/17/15)

Men’s Fitness magazine interviews Dr. Seedman on the most effective methods for inducing hypotrophy (muscle mass), strength gains, mobility, stability, and muscle function in the calves and lower leg muscles.

5 Overhead Pressing Variations for Size, Strength & Performance - (7/6/15)

Dr. Seedman presents several pressing movements to enhance performance and function in his athletes and clients, including: eccentric isometrics, bottoms up plate presses, kneeling on bench overhead presses, and eyes closed eccentric isometrics.

+ April 2015

Training the Feet and Ankles for Optimal Performance and Health - T-Nation (4/2/15)

Proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics are the most neglected areas in performance and fitness training. Dr. Seedman addresses which exercises, drills, and cues are best for developing proper foot, ankle, and toe mechanics as well as how to progress each variation.

+ February 2015

Eccentric Isometrics: The Best Way to Lift Weights - T-Nation (2/13/15)

Dr. Seedman examines the effectiveness of eccentric isometrics to stimulate size and strength gains and correct dysfunctional movement patterns via enhanced proprioception and muscle spindle activation.

+ December 2014

Negative Accentuated Powerlifting for Size and Strength - T-Nation (12/24/14)

Learn how to safely and effectively perform eccentric (negative) accentuated repetitions on the "Big 3" powerlifts by utilizing the Power Rack Eccentric Potentiation (PREP) protocol. Expect large improvements in muscle mass, strength, and power from this technique.

+ February 2014

Plates vs Kettlebells - T-Nation (2/21/14)

Dr. Seedman shows you how to use Olympic weight plates with handles to perform swings and other movements offering unique challenges and benefits that can't be reproduced with other training tools, including kettlebells.