AHP Complete series template

One of the best deals in the fitness industry! Designed to last a minimum of 2 years, the AHP Complete Series Template includes nearly all training splits and template protocols Dr. Seedman utilizes with his professional athletes and private clients.


ahp basic training template

For less than $5, you get the basic training protocols and templates Dr. Joel Seedman uses with many of his athletes and clients. These templates include all the movement patterns for maximizing strength, size, power, mobility & overall muscle function.


ahp advanced athlete program

Dr. Seedman designed the Advanced Athlete Training program for high-level athletes who want to maximize performance, fitness, physique appearance, muscularity and overall functional muscle mass.           

strength, muscle & body comp PROGRAMS

Dr. Seedman's Strength, Muscle & Body Composition Programs provide you with his personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of human performance:  health, strength, stability, mobility, fat loss, and muscle gain.  Nothing is left to chance.


female fitness program

No matter your previous training history, body composition, or current fitness levels, Dr. Seedman's Female Fitness Program focuses on challenges that frustrate many of his female clients: lowering body fat and increasing muscular tone.


over 40: health, fitness & strength

Having worked with many client over the age of 40, Dr. Seedman designed this program to focus on mobility, stability, balance, strength, cardiovascular health, low back strength, core stabilization, and hip function.



Dr. Seedman's Lower Back & Spinal Restoration Program maximizes low back health, eliminates inflammation around the spine, hips, and lumbo-pelvic area, and strengthens the muscles that surround the spine. Also an excellent program for anyone looking to improve overall muscle function.


bodyweight training PROGRAM

During times of travel, vacations, long work hours, or crowded living conditions, accessing a fully-equipped gym can be, well, impossible. Dr. Seedman's designed his Bodyweight Training Program to require no equipment and only a small room or space for movements.                             


stabilization & muscle activation

A 20 minute program to addresses weaknesses, muscular imbalances, asymmetries, instability, lack of balance, faulty mechanics, flawed posture, and other areas of dysfunction. The routine can be used alone or combined with an existing strength training workout.       


foot & ankle program

Dr. Joel Seedman spent years researching and developing the most effective exercises and training modalities that correct and restore proper foot mechanics. Eliminate the weaknesses and imbalances which contribute to hip, knee, and back pain, a lack of mobility, and poor balance.


golf: Ultimate training program

The Golf Training Program addresses critical components for improving the golf swing, developing core power and stability, and maintaining healthy joints. Dr. Seedman focuses on helping you improve your mobility, stability, balance, hip power & postural mechanics.

shoulder blitz program

Want shoulders with size, strength, symmetry, and stability. Dr. Seedman's Shoulder Blitz Routine delivers all four! Dr. Seedman spent years researching and developing the most effective exercises and training modalities to take your shoulders to the next level.



Want stronger, more defined, and overall larger calve muscles? Look no further than Dr. Seedman's Monster Calves Routine. Based on the concepts Dr. Seedman outlined in his Men's Fitness article, “How to Get Bigger, Stronger Calves.” Dr. Seedman provides you with three separate calve workouts meant to be implemented into any training routine.


speed & power PROGRAM

Drawing on cutting edge research, and on his own work making athletes faster and more explosive, Dr. Seedman outlines the tools and protocols to improve your speed, explosiveness, power, agility, and overall quickness.